Top 5 Astroneer Dedicated Server For Everyone in 2024

Astronauts, are you ready to launch? If you are evaluating the best Astroneer dedicated server that will not ditch you, this guide will be of great help to you. 

Astroneer launched a big update “Awakening” for the celebration of its 4th anniversary, and this update has renewed the craze for this game amongst players, making it an awesome idea to host Astroneer 

Now let’s take a look at Astroneer’s dedicated server list for 2024 that will fit most folks’ budgets. Let’s check them out without wasting any time.

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astroneer dedicated server

Summary: Best Astroneer Dedicated Server List

In a Hurry? Here is a quick summary of all 5 Astroneer dedicated servers that you should know about.

ServerPlayersDDoS protectionData CenterStarting Price TrustPilot Rating
Shock Byte8✔️6$6.994.7
PingPerfect8✔️23 $8.194.7

1. GPortal Astroneer Dedicated Server Hosting

GPortal is a premium game server that is made up of the legacy of 100K private servers. You can have 90+ private game servers of many fan-favorite games including Minecraft, Valheim, ARK: Survival Evolved, and many more. 

It is interesting to note that this company is the official dedicated server partner of Astroneer.

It is a global game server provider with 15 data centers, 10M+ monthly players, and many prestigious private server partners. Plus it provides you an opportunity to earn from here.

And the big thing is, it fits perfectly for hosting Astroneer. Want to know why I am saying this? Just look at its key features below:

gportal gaming server for astroneer

Key Features:

  • Easy Setup: It has a way easier 3-minute setup with low ping and high performance.
  • Huge GameCloud: It gives you options to create your game cloud. You can select the number of slots from 8 to 1000.
  • Flexible Duration: You can select the rent duration of 3 days, 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, or 365 days.
  • Multiple Locations: Astroneer has available locations in the USA (Washington, Los Angeles, and Dallas), China, Brazil, Japan, Europe, and England.
  • Extra Advantages: It gives you a smooth and easy web interface, 3 3-minute setup, maximum flexibility, easy admin management, secure payments, and quick support.
  • Security: This portal has scored a 4.7 rating via Trustpilot, which is quite impressive. It protects your server against 20K monthly DDoS attacks, all thanks to its multi-layered defense from BulWark and Corero.

Can I Earn Revenue Via GPortal Hosting?

YES, If you are choosing a private server from GPORTAL then you can earn revenue from here as well. You can earn €0.006 as a license fee per slot per server per day. If you want to know more about it, read here.

GPortal Pricing:

The pricing of the GPortal server plan depends upon the location, slots, and rental duration. It offers up to 1000 slots for your gaming server with multiple locations.

The cheapest plan available for European servers that have a ping of 171 ms starts from $2.62 for 8 slots and 3 days. If you want to try GPORTAL first then it’s a good choice. Look at the pricing for 8 slots.

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3 DaysMonthlyQuarterlySemi-AnnuallyYearly
“WiseOwl Speaks”

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Get an extra 10% OFF on all your GPortal billing.

gportal discount price for astroneer

Payment Options: You can pay with flexible options such as VISA, American Express, MasterCard, PayPal, Paysafe Card, and Sofort.

Contact Support:

You can get superfast support via the ticket system hotline.

For US: +1 800-215-0198 (Mon – Fri 09:00 AM – 3:00 PM CST)

For EU: +49 69 380 766 670 (Mon – Fri 14:00 – 19:00 CEST)

My Experience With G-Portal

I had a fantastic experience playing Astroneer on G-Portal, the servers are stable with 99.99% uptime, and most importantly, they are affordable.

However, I wish they had a 24×7 chat or phone number for support, they only provide support through the old ticket system.

2. ShockByte Astroneer Dedicated Server

If you were looking for the ultimate option for Astroneer server hosting, then it’s here. ShockByte is the cheapest option to start your own multiplayer dedicated server today.

With ShockByte, Astroneer players can build customized bases & vehicles. They can also create anything from their imagination. in other words, ShockByte can give exciting planetary experiences at a low cost.

It has served and hosted 0.5M+ servers with a strong reputation in front of thousands of clients.

shockbyte server hosting for astroneer

Key Features:

  • Instant Setup: After buying a server for Astroneer, you will get an email with your login information providing you with server access.
  • Extra Advantages: ShockByte has 100% runtime, full FTP access, instant setup, automatic updates & backups, and low latency.
  • Full Money Back Guarantee: You can cancel your plan whenever you want, no matter what the reason is. Just contact support and get the refund within 72 hours.
  • You can have full file access, NVMe SSD storage, Unlimited disk space & bandwidth, and a multicraft control panel.
  • Security: It has protection against DDoS attacks.

Can I Earn Revenue Via ShockByte Hosting?

The only way to earn revenue from your server is to charge for services outside of it.

Astroneer does not have any mods, plugins, or other modifications that can be used to monetize it. It means you’ll have to come up with a solution yourself. You can also sell the dedicated servers as an affiliate.

ShockByte Pricing:

Shockbyte has only one pricing plan, “Astronium” for Astroneer server hosting. It starts at $6.99/month for 8 player slots and 2GB memory. In other words, you need to pay only $0.87 for each slot. The price increases depending on the amount of RAM and CPU priority you opt for.

You can get a flat 50% off after signing up.

Be ready to explore mysterious galaxies with Shockbyte server hosting with a range of premium features.


Contact Support: 

It gives you 24×7 contact support via live chatrooms which are so quick and impressive.

My Experience With ShockByte

My experience with ShockByte has been great, the performance is top-notch with no noticeable lag, and they have a knowledgeable customer support team available 24/7 in case you face any problems.

Speaking of problems, I did face some with some modpacks, but they were resolved by customer support.

3. OVH Cloud Astroneer Dedicated Server

If price isn’t the issue for you then it’s the best recommendation that I can give you. Look at the features of OVH Cloud to know why it’s on our list.

ovh cloud pricing for astroneer

Key Features:

Processor: It uses the latest AMD Ryzen processors with water cooling go manage heat and maximize performance and speed.

High speed: It can handle huge traffic like nothing with a speed of 1GB/s. With low latency and high stability, it has an SLA of 99.99%.

Storage: It has NVMe Drives with various sizes to get a huge disk space, backups, mods, and texture packs.

Data Centers: Its data centers are located worldwide locations for the most reliable and smooth gaming experience for players.

Security: AAIt has powerful security from DDoS attacks which is the default in all the dedicated servers of gaming.

Can I Earn Revenue Via OVH Cloud Hosting?

No, there are no such policies that provide you with any earnings from OVH Cloud Hosting.

OVH Cloud Pricing:

OVH cloud is pretty expensive compared to its competitors, however, it makes up for it with the premium features and hardware that it offers. If you are a regular hoster, then it is a perfect match for you. Check out its plans in the table below.

Rise-Game 1Rise-Game 2Rise-1Rise-2

Contact Support: 

It gives you multiple support via chat, mail, and call. For any kind of issue, you can call their toll-free no. 1-855-684-5463.

My Experience With OVH Cloud

OVH provides great dedicated servers at affordable rates, the gaming experience is fast and reliable, and I got a stable fps with no lag on Astroneer. 

The customer support team is good but they would be great if they were a bit faster.

4. Nitrado Astroneer Dedicated Server

You can get a gaming experience of the next level with the top priority of technology with Nitrado.

nitrado pricing for astroneer dedicated server

Key Features:

  • It has cutting-edge hardware for the best possibility of server hosting with quality, reliability, performance, and security in mind.
  • Advantages: They have enterprise-grade SSD storage, ECC RAM, and the latest Intel Xeon/Scalable processors that run up to 48 cores in a single server.
  • Security: With SteelSheild, ultimate protection against DDoS ensures your data safety.
  • Data Centre: It has 3-tier data centers (total 9)that ensure low latency.
  • Cool Management: You can install mods and plugins easily and share access and manage servers at one time. You can also switch active games anytime and upgrade or downgrade your server whenever you want.

Can I Earn Revenue Via Nitrado Hosting?

No, Nitrado has no such policy that pays you via hosting.

Nitrado Pricing:

If you want to try the Nitrado gaming server, then you can go with a 3-day plan that starts from only $3.29. It has monthly and quarterly billing as well. 

All plans give you 8 player slots and all are extendable at any time. Not only this, you can switch between 100+ games at any time which is a very cool feature.

3 DaysMonthlyQuarterlyYearly

Customer Support:

Nitrado’s customer service is available 24/7 in various places globally through email and chats in 7 different languages.

My Experience With Nitrado

I found Nitrado to be a reliable server host for Astroneer, the overall experience was stable, and the performance was as expected.

However, I did have an issue with the server not showing up in my game, but within a few hours, the service team fixed it from the backend.

5. PingPerfect Astroneer Dedicated Server

PingPerfect is our fifth most valuable pick for Astroneer server hosting which is best known for its zero-lag smooth servers. It is one of the biggest game server-providing websites that hosts over 170 different games, mods, and e-sports. it is the leading provider worldwide.

You can make use of its 48-day free trial to check it out.

pingperfect delicated server hosting for astroneer

Key Features:

  • Free Web Hosting: One of the most amazing facts is that all game servers come with free web hosting that you can use for building a community to promote your game server. In this web hosting PingPerfect gives you 1 GB storage, 10GB traffic per month, and an advanced control panel.
  • Easy Setup: Gives you an instant and easy installation that automatically starts activating after the rental purchase
  • Security: DDoS protection helps you to play without any interruption.
  • Cost-Free Debranding: You can do free debranding without any additional charges and PingPerfect also offers you various discounts for customers who are up for branding.
  • It gives you enterprise-level hardware and storage solutions with full backup

Can I Earn Revenue Via PingPerfect Hosting?

PingPerfect does have options that pay for hosting.

It gives you reward points per invoice, you can use these points to buy other services. You can save money through them but they have no cash-out value, which means they can’t be turned into money.

You can join their free affiliate program to get high commissions. It gives you a group pay service, which means others can donate to your server without a dedicated PayPal account.

PingPerfect Pricing:

PingPerfect will cost you $8.19 for 8 player slots for the US server and has a special discount on its building cycle. 

If you choose quarterly plans then you can have a discount of 5%. Similarly, if you choose semi-annual and annual billing then you can have a 10% discount and a 15% discount respectively.

It gives you a money-back guarantee or refund payment within 48 hours. However, the pricing depends on CPU priority, storage, and location. Check the plans below for the US server.


Customer Support:

You receive 24/7 support from professional technicians through tickets and live chat.

You can also contact this no. +44 843 462 0003 for any queries.

My Experience With PingPerfect

I have been using PingPerfect for a while now and have multiple servers from them. The performance is great in all the games that they host.

Their servers are cheaper than most competitors, a few places indeed offer servers even cheaper, but I have tried those companies & their servers didn’t perform as well as PingPerfect’s.

However, their Web Hosting is not the best.

Can I Host Astroneer On My Own Server

Astroneer is a highly efficient game for teenagers to explore and discover new adventures. Hosting Astroneer requires setup for which you need to adjust your Firewall.

Want to know how to host your own Astroneer server hosting then look at the official instructions here.

Astroneer doesn’t provide any support for the individuals who are hosting it on their own server. So it’s a better choice to choose a dedicated server.

See this useful video below to learn in detail.

There are endless games, if you want to learn about more games and dedicated servers, choose the one from the list below.

What Are The System Requirements For Astroneer

For hosting Astroneer you need that your system should have the recommended system requirements for smooth and better gameplay.

FeathersMinimum Recommended
OS64-bit, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 1064-bit, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 10
CPUX64 Dual Core, 2+GHzX64 Dual Core, 3+GHz
GPUDiscrete GPU with 1GB VRAMDiscrete GPU with 2GB VRAM
Memory 4 GB RAM 8 GB RAM
Storage 2 GB4 GB
DirectXVersion 11Version 11

FAQs About Astroneer Dedicated Hosting

What is Astroneer?

Astroneer is a well-known award-winning sandbox game that is full of space adventures.

Are there dedicated servers in Astroneer?

Yes, Astroneer does have dedicated servers which are available for Steam, Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation 4. You can run this server through your own hosting or third-party hostings such as GPortal, ShockByte, and Nitrado.

How much is a dedicated server on Astroneer?

The cost of dedicated servers for Astroneer depends on the no. of slots, server area, and hardware provided by various hosting services. If you are looking for a cheap plan for Astroneer hosting then you can start from $2.62 with GPortal.

How many players can Astroneer dedicated servers host?

In Astroneer dedicated server hosting you can host for 8-1000 players with GPortal.


I hope this article was helpful to you. If you are still confused about which one you should choose, then I will recommend ShockByte and G-Portal. You can choose either of these two because they have proven themselves superior to other game hosting platforms with lower prices.

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