How To Find The Publisher Of A Website In 2024? 5 Easy Methods Revealed

Do you know how to find the publisher of a website? If you are new to the internet, then finding the author of a website can be quite a confusing task.

We have shared the simple ways here like footer note, about us, contact us and social media pages.

So, to find out those authors, there are some ways by which we can easily find out the authors and publisher of the website.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best 5 ways to find the publisher of a website that will help you cite the articles.

The methods to find the publisher that we will discuss in this article below are 100% genuine and working.

So, don’t miss any method that we will discuss below.

ways to find website publisher

For your articles, you need to cite the author’s name, however, many website authors do not want to reveal personal information to their users.

TL;DR – 5 Ways To Find The Website Owner / Publisher

Below are the 5 methods to figure out details about the owner/publisher of a website in brief.

  • Use Whois – Whois is a free service to find info on a website, including the author’s name.
  • Contacts/About Page – These pages often contain details regarding the owner.
  • Social Media – Look for social media pages or groups connected to that website on platforms like Facebook, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, and more.
  • Make Use of SEO Tools – Tools like Ahrefs Backlink Checker can come in handy.
  • Look in Legal Pages – Pages like ‘Privacy Policy’, and ‘Terms and Conditions’ may contain details about the author.

For further details regarding the above methods, scroll below.

5 Methods To Find The Publisher Of A Website

By not wasting any time, we will directly jump into the topic of this article. But here is a question, Why do we need to find the publisher of a website?

  1. You may need to contact the author seeking permission to use infographics.
  2. When you need to inform about wrong information in the article
  3. Whenever a proper citation is required as per the guidelines.

So, the 5 best methods that will help you to find the publisher of a website are:

How To Find The Publisher of a Website_

1. Use WHOIS

How do you find the publisher of a website? WHOIS is the best method to find the publisher of a website. It is a free service that gives you accurate results of the website.

The steps to find the publisher of a website are very simple with WHOIS. Just follow the below steps to find the author details of any website.

Step 1: Open any WHOIS platform, and enter the URL of the website.


Step 2: We searched for our own website URL.

The first thing that you will find is the information of the registrar. As you can see in the image below.

whois registrar info

Step 3: Scroll down below, and you will find the Registrar Data, where you will find the publisher of a website.

whois registrar data to find the publisher of a website

So, this is how you can find the publisher’s details of a website by using the WHOIS method.

We found this method as the best method which is very simple and easy for everyone. You can easily find the author’s details by following the above steps.

Note: In some cases, due to privacy, the owner may hide the data, so we have another method below for these cases.

how to find publisher of the website

2. Author/Contact Us Pages

The next best and most simple method that can be used to find the author of a website is, “Author, Contact Us, or About Page” where you can find out the owner behind the website.

Many website owners don’t mention their personal information on every page. 

Instead of this, they used to mention their details in separate pages like, About Us, Contact Us, or Meet the Author.

about menu

Find out these types of pages on the website and try to find the author/publisher details.

You can also find the email of the owner from contact us section and email them to ask for specific details.

3. Social Media Accounts

The third best genuine method that is preferred is to search those websites on Social Media Platforms.

Oftentimes, website owners who don’t share their details on their site have social media pages, groups, and accounts where you can find info about them.

Some of the popular social media platforms where you can find the publisher of the website are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Quora, LinkedIn, etc.

You can find out the publisher of a website from them. How?

You can check the profile of the user who is regularly posting on those groups and pages, and follow them.

So many website owners don’t reveal themselves on their website but mention them as the owners of that website under their social media accounts.

4. Use SEO Tools

The fourth best method that we recommend to you to find out the publisher of a website is to use SEO tools.

Yes, you can also find the author’s details by using SEO Tools like Ahrefs. How?

Finding the name of the author by using Ahref is pretty simple, follow the steps below –

Step 1: Visit Ahref Backlink Checker.

ahref backlink checker

Step 2: Search any website that you want to (as here we are searching for the BloggersPassion), and then click on the ‘Check Backlink’ button.

Step 3: After completing the above step, you will get the DA and backlinks of the website. Scroll down below and search for the publisher information till you get the name like this as shown in the image below.

finding the author using ahref

So, this is how you can find the publisher information using SEO Tools like Ahrefs backlink checker.

The last method that we will suggest to you to find the publisher of a website is to “Find out the legal pages”.

You can find the legal pages like Privacy policy, Terms & Conditions, etc, where you can find details on the author of the website.

On the Privacy and Cookies Information page, the author of the website has to legally reveal personal information.

Similarly, on the Terms and Conditions page, the author has to mention the rules and information about the company legally.

Reasons To Find The Author Of A Website

The reasons to find the author of a website can be:

  • You want to connect with the author because of some business solutions or meetings.
  • You want to find out the author because of some abuse, copyright content, or other.
  • You want to connect the author of a website because you want to thank the publisher for some product or something else, etc.

These can be some of the reasons for finding the publisher of a website, or the reason can be anything that depends on the needs and situation of the user.

Need help in the citation of a website MLA? Check this video.

FAQs: How to Know the Publisher of a Website

Where can I find the author’s details on any website?

You can find the publisher of a website on WHOIS, which is one of the best platforms to find the author details of any website and deliver accurate information from the database.

Is it legal to check the author’s details on the Internet?

Yes, it is. Many different websites provide you with different tools to find the author details of any website.

How do you find out the author of the website?

To find the author of the website, you can check the ABOUT or CONTACT US pages on the website to find the author’s details. If you don’t find any details there, then you can use WHOIS and other methods that we mentioned in this article.

Who is the publisher of the website Wikipedia?

Wikipedia Foundation is the publisher of Wikipedia Foundation.

What if a website doesn’t have a publisher?

Some websites keep the author/publisher’s name hidden as well as the about or contact page. In such cases, it becomes very hard to find a website publisher.

You can scroll down to get to the footer section and check the site/name of the person/organization holding the copyright.

Are the publisher and owner the same?

Not really. The publisher refers to the author of the published posts on a website. In most blog sites, the owner publishes the articles personally, so the owner and publisher are the same individuals.

However, for large blog websites, the maintenance of the website involves a team of individuals, including SEOs, editors, designers, and other writers. In such cases, a website may have several publishers.

Conclusion: How To Find the Publisher Of A Website In 2024

So, how do you find out the author who published the website? The best method that we recommend to find the publisher of a website is the WHOIS method, which is easy to use and gives you the best results.

In some cases where the WHOIS details are hidden due to privacy settings, you have 4 other methods to find the website’s publisher.

Yes, In this article, we have discussed the 5 best ways to find publisher details that are 100% working, legal, and genuine.

If you have any doubts or issues regarding this topic, then use our comments section to drop your queries.

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