50+ Best Lifetime AppSumo Deals & Discount Codes On Black Friday 2023

Are you looking for the best Black Friday lifetime Deals by Appsumo? If yes, we have shortlisted the best Appsumo discount codes on powerful Apps available for marketers, bloggers, SEOs, and everyone.

These deals and discount codes are available only for a limited time and we would suggest you grab them before they expire.

All You Need To Know About AppSumo Deals

best lifetime appsumo deals

Deals at AppSump keep on changing after a few days. There is a duration for every deal and it changes after a few days. 

So, I suggest you keep an eye on the duration after finalizing your desired deal. The best method is to buy the deal after finalizing it before it’s sold out or you forget the deadline of the deal.

AppSumo Lifetime Black Friday Discount Coupon Code 2023

Get these black Friday lifetime deals now.

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Term & Condition

only for new users.

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10% Discount

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AppSumo Promo Code- Claim the deal

  • Normal Price: $180.00
  • Discount Price: $49.00

Features: 1 Year of access to Vadootv Player Plan, You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase, 1 Year of Vadootv Player Plan updates, 60-day money-back guarantee

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AppSumo WP Reset Team Plan License 

  • Normal Price: $158.00
  • Discount Price:$49.00

Features: 5 site licenses,5 WPR cloud site licenses, 2 GB storage per lifetime Cloud license, 10 GB total, Over 25 tools, Snapshots and auto snapshots, Plugin and themes collections, Emergency recovery script, WP Reset dashboard

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68% OFF
Doesn't expire

AppSumo Wordhero AI Content Writer Promo:

  • Normal Price: $2088.00
  • Discount Price: $89.00

Features: Unlimited copy forever, Access to all 50+ writing tools, Access to all future writing tools/templates, Discover topic ideas & write engaging blog content, Write sales & marketing emails that sell, Generate catchy captions for social media, Generate AI content in 100+ language

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95% Discount

Hoverify Promo Code: [Limited time offer]

Best Tool for Web Development

Features: Lifetime access to Hoverify Plan, All future Hoverify Plan updates, 60-day money-back guarantee, License for 3 activations, Support for Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Edge, Use on unlimited websites.

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Start at $49.00

AppSumo SendFox Lifetime Deal

Create automated email campaigns with an affordable email marketing solution

Normal Price: $240

Discount Price: $49

Feature: Lifetime access to SendFox, All future Lifetime Plan updates, GDPR Compliant, 60-day money-back guarantee, Unlimited email sends, Scheduled email campaigns at any time of the day

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Best AppSumo Black Friday Lifetime Deals & Discount For Marketers

Marketing tools help a marketer to perform their key tasks in lesser time and in a better way. AppSumo has varied marketing tools at cheaper rates: 


Boomerang is a digital loyalty tool for SMEs to create digital loyalty cards for their customers.


Key Features

  • Digital cards
  • 100 ready-made templates
  • Easy to use
  • 6 types of cards: stamps, cashback, coupons, subscriptions, certificates
  • Expand customer base without paying for ads
  • Set up referral programs
  • Collect feedback after every purchase
  • Customers can add cards to their Apple wallets or google pay but just scanning the QR code
  • Customize the mobile scanner for sales and create your own app
  • Send push messages to customers with your own brand name
  • In-built CRM
Original PriceDeal Value

Deal Type/Category: Marketing, Social Media, Sales

Rating: 5/5 

How to get this Product: 

Product Dyno:

Product Dyno offers one of the best Appsumo deals. It aims at providing a flexible platform to host and deliver any kind of digital product online. One can create and launch his product on product dyno, sell to unlimited users, and gain profits. Users can create their products hustle-free on product dyno through already-established templates with varied themes, colors, and other categories.


Key Features

  • Access to unlimited products in different unlimited collections
  • Eases Content management
  • Leverage any type of SaaS products
  • Sell any type of digital product
  • Intermix your payment processor and favorite marketing tools
  • Build your own video courses with a 2-step process
  • Long-Term Commitment (Cancel Anytime/Full 30-day satisfaction guarantee) 
  • Up-Sell, Down Sell, and Cross-Sell easily
  • In-built Reporting and Analysis window for the creator
  • 100% customizable product
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Immediate hosting, no domain required
  • Unlimited Product Downloads
  • Users can have unlimited buyers for their products
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal Type/Category: Marketing, Content, Education

Rating: 5/5 

How to get this Product: 

Shorty SMS

Shorty message is an advanced SMS marketing technique used by small, medium, and large enterprises to maintain customer satisfaction. It’s an AppSumo original creation.

Through Shorty SMS, you can create a sequential template for SMS and they will be sent to your top clients, and customers in the sequence set by the user. It’s a client-user one-way communication interface through which companies send daily, weekly, and monthly updates to their client to be their top priority. 

Through Shorty SMS, you can analyze the report of outcomes generated from SMS marketing.


Key Feature

  • Multiple mobile numbers can be entered by both customers and enterprise
  • International SMS supported
  • Any user: US-based, small brands and big enterprises can access SMS software
  • Can plug Twilio account
  • Offers API to make the process simpler and faster for users
  • Easy integrations for Zapier platform to enhance collaboration between two software
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal Type/Category: SMS Marketing

Ratings: 5/5

How to get this product:

Send Fox


Send Fox is software designed to send automatically customized emails to end-users(subscribers, followers, fans). In simpler words, send fox is an email marketing tool designed for content creators to turn their followers and fans into customers and earn income from what they create. 

Email marketing is expensive on the creators’ side but, AppSumo has made their task easier and cost-effective by sending the fox tool.

Key Features

  • Create, schedule, and send unlimited automated emails to millions of users at a time
  • Customize your own fonts, themes, and colors to your email(including GDPR)
  • Custom smart pages and landing pages
  • One-click language translation into 6 other languages
  • Multiple domains in one account
  • CRM functionality to write notes for each customer
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal Type/Category: Email Marketing for Authors, YouTubers, podcasters, bloggers, influencers

Rating: 4.5/5

How to get this product

Zago Mail


Zago Mail is an online marketing platform for email marketing that allows you to create templates and send automated emails to millions of users, also paves the way for small online vendors to sell their products on Zago mail. 

Entrepreneurs can also connect to other big e-e-commerce websites to sell their products.

Key Features

  • 14-day free, Cancel Anytime
  • Get full details of your customers, purchase, clicks, visits, and popups.
  • High-quality pre-built templates
  • Design your own template
  • Design your own landing pages
  • Connect your store with other e-commerce stores to enhance sales
  • Analyze your campaign report
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal Type/Category: Email Marketing Tool for content creators/entrepreneurs, small  businesses, online marketers

Rating: 4.5/5

How to get this product


VIDJET is a platform that allows you to host videos on your website and e-commerce totally ad-free.


  Key Features

  • Boost sales with add-free video
  • Video can be uploaded in MP4, MOV, WEBM, OGG
  • Engaging video content boost customer trust and engagement
  • Customizable branding
  • Pop-ups
  • Customer type: small, medium, large enterprises
  • Ideal for: marketers, e-commerce sellers
Original PriceDeal Price

  Deal type/category: Customer trust and product visualization

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it:


Creaitor.ai is an Ai writing tool that allows you to write content for your social media, blog post, and email marketing campaign hassle-free.


Key Features

  •  Time-saving
  • In-built templates
  • Boost ad conversations
  • Boost email campaigns
  • Get new ideals as per dynamism
Original PriceDeal Price

  Deal type/category:   Content strategist

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it:


PerkZilla is a marketing platform that allows you to use your existing customers and generate new leads with free ads with customized campaigns and automation.


Key Features

  • UNcountable templates to choose from
  • Monitor test campaigns
  • Automate emails and prizes
  • Customization available
  • Draw random contests and create leaderboards
  • Track frauds and campaign failure chances
Original PriceDeal Price

  Deal type/category: Lead generation, marketing

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it: 

Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals For Data And Analytics & SEO

The word “data” has been in the air for ages now, and plays a crucial role in shaping decisions in business operations. Taking about data and its analytics is required at every organization: small, medium, and large whether it is a profit or non-profit organization. 

Data & Analytics need the utmost care for check-ups and downs in the organization. Taking a household example: every individual does data and analytics operations to check monthly expenses and savings. 

Here are a few amazing deals from a bunch of deals to put your hands from AppSumo to make Data & Analytics easier and time-saving: 


LeadRocks is a lead generation platform that instills a database of 100+ records, emails, LinkedIn profiles, and phone numbers for B2B contacting. 


Key Features

  •  High-quality leads
  • Targeted outreach
  • Multiple filters: URL, Location, team size, job title
  • Save your wishlist in LeadRocks or export it into a CVS
  • Data from original legit sources
Original PriceDeal Price

  Deal type/category: Lead generation, database

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it: 

Two Minutes Report

Two minutes report for google data studio is a data analysis plugin that helps you analyze your marketing campaigns and get automated reports and stats.

two minute report

 Key Features

  •  Get reports in two minutes
  • Integrate Shopify, google ads, and Facebook ads
  • Real-time insights
  • Sharable database
  • Custom your own dashboard
  • Create weekly, monthly, and yearly reports
  • Create your own report templates
Original PriceDeal Price

  Deal type/category: report generation, marketing

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it: 

Markopolo ai

Markopolo ai is an advertising tool built to assist millions of creators and businesses in running ads in their content. With the help of these applications, creators can run ads without having prior experience in running Google ads and Facebook ads. You need zero knowledge about the process and need not waste any amount in grasping expensive advertisement courses.

You just need Markopolo ai that will assist you to run ads and exploring more customers. Markopolo lets creators simply plug into the device and Markopolo will run advertisement captains on their own with professional techniques for Google, Facebook, and Instagram. 

It’s an advertising tool that lets you analyze and survey your target audience and take up marketing strategies according to the result generated from the analysis.

Key Features

  • Assists you to earn more with the least spending
  • Helps you explore and connect to more potential customers
  • Provide data for potential customers as per your business type
  • will assist you with high-quality content and sales copies
  • Optimize your progress data chart and do a self-analysis
Original PriceDeal Price

                      (Offer Ends in the next 10 days, hurry up!)

Deal Type/Category: Advertising and Marketing using data analysis as a technique

Rating: 5/5

How to get this product


SiteGuru is an SEO tool that helps you to optimize your website and run weekly SEO audits. SiteGuru audits your websites and identifies bugs that are hindering your progress. It provides an easy-to-follow to-do list for better ranking of the website.

Key Features

  • Improve website ranking
  • Provides quality meta description
  • Provide complete SEO-related services
  • Easy to use
  • Removes unnecessary bugs that hinder traffic generation
  • Automatically updates and provides sequential data for the website
  • Provides an easy-to-do list to improve the website 
  • Provides free trial
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal Type/Category: SEO tool for content creators, website owners, bloggers

Rating: 5/5

How to get this product:


QR.io is a Qr code marketing platform that enables the creation of QR codes for the product. In this way, you can keep track of how many times people scanned the QR code of a particular product and how many bought it after scanning it. 

It is a good source of easy-breezy marketing and data collection scheme for both sellers and end-users.


Key Features

  • Create your own QR code
  • Gather Feedback from customers
  • Have data on how many people shared and used it
  • Fasten the process of promotion with one click
  • Create a profile card by scanning QR codes provided to each employee for easy-breezy attendance
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal Type/Category: Marketing, Data Collection

Rating: 4.5/5

How you can access it: 


Truendo commits to being your all-in-one privacy solution. Truendo CMP is an automated flexible and reliable solution to secure and management of private data collected on the website. The CMP undergoes regular scanning of websites, blocks all kinds of cookies until consent is received, detects violations of social media rules, and protects in-built website cookies that can be displayed in 31 languages.


Key Features

  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Compliance Management
  • Easy Integration
  • Fully Automated
  • Customizable Colour/Theme
  • IAB TCF 2 certified
  • Banner and privacy widget available in 31 languages
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal Type/Category: Data Privacy

Ratings: 5/5

How can you access it


Wordhero is an Ai-based content writing tool ideal for content creators, authors, bloggers, and influencers to write quality content. It has a wide range of templates to write different content and are easily accessible. It is generally used to write high-quality sales copies, emails, social media captions, add content, SEO meta descriptions, marketing ideas, and even song lyrics.


Key Features: 

  • 50+ writing tools
  • Automatic editing and proofreading
  • Sales Copywriting
  • Marketing Content
  • Introduces news tools every week
  • Can be used for web surveillance
  • Uncountable amount of templates available
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal type/category: Content Writing, SEO

Rating: 4.9/5

How can you access it: 

DMARC Report

dmarc report

DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance and is an email authentication protocol that protects an organization’s official business emails from fraud and unnecessary spying. It is a tool that protects emails from cyber attacks and provides DMARC reports to email service providers. 

It is ideal for email marketers, Small; medium; large entrepreneurs, and agencies that require authorized protection of their email domains. 

Key Features

  • Protects domain owners from negative consequences of fraud
  • Protects from money, data, reputation, and customer loss
  • Works on top of two email authentication protocols: DKIM and SPF
  • Checks whether the domain of the sender matches with SPF verification and DKIM signature
  • Forensic and Aggregate reports are processed with no additional cost.
Original PriceDeal Price

           Deal type/category: Email frauds, data security 

           Rating: 5/5

           How can you access it?


Formaloo is a platform that allows you to create mobile apps, forms, and databases and does not require any professional knowledge or code language.


 Key Features

  • Create unlimited forms, surveys, quizzes, and polls
  • Customize your own content or use 100+ in-built templates
  • Unlimited sharing of content
  • Customize your own mobile apps
  • Use your own custom domains and emails
  • Control data user’s access.
Original PriceDeal Price

 Deal type/category: Data creation

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it:

Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals For Sales & Client Relationship

Enhance your product sales and client/customer relationship by mentioning them on shareable calendars and online tools. Refer to the list below to find  tool at amazing deals:


Trafft is an automated platform for online booking, digitally managing meetings, scheduling, and cancellation set reminders.


Key Features

  •  Endless virtual sessions
  • Integrated with Zoom, Stripe, PayPal, Zapier, Outlook, and Mailchimp
  • Suitable for all kinds of countries and time zones
  • Unlimited multistore professional services
  • SEO-optimized books available
  • Manage your meetings from anywhere at any time
  • Mobile friendly
  • Fully automated
Original PriceDeal Price

  Deal type/category: 

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it:

Tidy cal

Tidy cal is an online scheduling solution that allows you to book and manage your meetings at one place for reminders and manage time efficiently.

tidy cal

Key Features

  •  Create multiple books
  • Set reminders
  • Identify time availability for client interaction
  • Set solo and group meetings
  • Synchronize your device calendar, all types accepted
  • Accept payments via Paypal, Stripe
  • Allows your clients to book appointments and discover your time blocks
Original PriceDeal Price

  Deal type/category: Keep meeting schedules

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it:


Gab Meet is a hosting platform where you can conduct meetings through audio or video calls with your clients, employees, etc. 


Key Features

  •  Audio/Video calls
  • Messaging
  • File sharing
  • No time limit
  • Unlimited calls
  • Whiteboards
  • Raise hands
  • Screen sharing and recording
Original PriceDeal Price

  Deal type/category: Online meetings

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it:


Your Documents Can Speak! 

Loud Doc allows you to share your documents with voiceover and video narration to make it more communicable and interactive.  Traditionally, documents seem to be boring full of words but, now you can add voice or narrations to your document.

loud doc

Key Features

  • Upload any type of document
  • Customize domain name, theme, brand, colors
  • Video Narration
  • Voiceover
  • Concert your pdf, and documents, into loudDoc weblinks
  • Upload up to 1 minute of video narration or 2 minutes of voice narration.
  • Share multiple documents through one link
Original PriceDeal Price

   Deal type/category: Content Creators, Entrepreneur only brochures, Authors of E-Book

   Rating: 5/5

   How can you access it

Launch Flow

Launch flow enables you to create sales funnels for woo commerce. You can create an instant account and add your product. Your product will be up for sale at the woo commerce.

launch flow

Key Features

  • Instant Registration
  • Upsells and downsells widgets: adds an option for an additional product at the point of checkout
  • Donations & Pay Now: adds value for social well-being
  • Send buyers personalized messages
  • Also works with WordPress default editor
  • Instant Payment options 
  • Customize your own page to be shown to customers
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal type/category: Sales increase

Rating:  5/5

How you can access it


Samdock allows you to manage your sales and customer relationship. It is a CRM platform designed to manage leads, customers, sales, and tasks systematically. 


Key Features

  •  Best CRM for small businesses
  • Get customer and organization reviews in one place
  • Track activity history
  • Full customer information
  • Customization available
  • Templates available for web forms
Original PriceDeal Price

  Deal type/category: Manage Business operations

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it:



Download the Orai coach app to ace your public speaking skills. This app is available on iOS, Android,  and the web. This app is for everyone who wants his hands on speaking well in public and being confident. 

Speaking plays a crucial role while selling online and offline.

Key Features

  • Personalized Lessons
  • Detects Speaking errors
  • AI-driven feedback
  • Prepare self- introduction, interviews, and presentations
  • Review qualitative and quantitative factors of speaking
Original PriceDeal Price

             Deal type/category: Sales, Education

             Rating: 4.5/5

             How can you access it: 


Mobilizer is a non-coding app that helps you create your own mobile app instantly without any professional knowledge and start selling your product through your own app.


Key Features

  • Build a fully functional android/iOS app
  • In-built templates
  • No-Code app
  • No professional knowledge required
  • Easily accessible
  • Access all kinds of customization: themes, colors, pictures, presentations, video modulations, etc
  • Integrated instant payment options
  • Customize your own terms and conditions and cookie policy
Original PriceDeal Price

    Deal type/category: Sell Online 

   Rating: 5/5

   How can you access it: 

Sales Simplify: The Ultimate Sales Machine

Sales Simplify is one solution to your sales increment. This easy-to-use tool combines Sales Automation, Sales Engagement, and, CRM. 

salse specify

Key Features

  • Five to Six tools for the complete sales process
  • Generate leads via embedded links 
  • Create your own leads and manage them via drag and drop facility and list view
  • Track team success
  • Transparency of data and private information usage to customers
  • Integrate your daily use apps
  • Quality customer support
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal type/category: Sales and Business Intelligence

Rating:  5/5

How can you access it: 

 E-Commerce or electronic selling of goods and services is the new technique f increasing your business and is the most successful mode these days. Let’s see some software that  ease your w-commerce business: 


Riku.ai is an in-one AI solution to solve all your AI-related needs under one dashboard. 


Key Features

  •  Light mode and dark mode
  • AI models available in a single dashboard
  • Access edit at any time from anywhere
  • Share your content with other creators and receive from them too.
Original PriceDeal Price

   Deal type/category: AI products

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it: 


Optinly is a guide that allows you to crete pop-ups for your website without any coding and professional techniques.


Key Features

  •  Unlimited pop-ups campaign
  • Customize your own templates
  • No-code pop-up designer
  • Grow sales and customer relationships
  • Collect feedback
  • Conduct discounts, and coupons
  • Increase cart value
  • Easy to use
Original PriceDeal Price

  Deal type/category: Pop up designer

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it: 


Launch your own e-commerce site with Dukaan today. Dukaan is an e-commerce platform that provides you with templates and other services to launch your own e-commerce website in minutes.


Key Features

  • Make money with a 0% transaction fee
  • Accept from anywhere and sell anywhere
  • Customize your store name, design, and branding
  • Upload any product to be sold
  • Auto-generated product description available
  • 3-step shopping experience
  • Use plugins to make your site more interactive
  • Payment via Stripe and PayPal accepted
  • Discount and vouchers accepted
  • Make the app available for android users
Original PriceDeal Price

 Deal type/category: E-commerce 

 Rating:  4.9/5

 How can you access it:


Create your own online with Selldone and sell your products hasslefree. Build your own e-commerce website and connect your online and offline sales with a single POS system.


Key Features

  • Drag and Drop page builder
  • In-built POS system
  • Payment options: Strip and Razorpay
  • Shipping through Shippo
  • Add your products by importing an excel file
  • Use barcode scanner for physical products
  • Connect your online and offline store
  • Customize your website or use in-built templates
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal type/category:  E-Commerce

Rating: 5/5

How can you access it: 


Growmatik is an e-commerce marketing site that enables its users to automate marketing content or your e-commerce with high-quality content strategies, emails, and popups. 

Ideal for E-commerce brands, and marketing agencies who work to generate leads for a particular e-commerce website.


Key Features

  • Generate leads and boost your website
  • Provides customer data from various leads
  • Create a custom audience or use in-built segments
  • Provide a guide for lead generation
  • Create modules, blog posts, and social media captions for customized products
  • Analyze website performance, customer support, and sales through one platform
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal type/category:  E-Commerce, Marketing

Rating: 5/5

How can you access it:


Flotiq is a content management system that lets you create shareable content for multiple channels through an automated API system. 


 Key Features

  •  Share important content across your team
  •  Customize shareable your API keys 
  •  Integrate platforms like Zapier, Microsoft Power Platform, and postman
  • Easy to publish API documents, sandboxes
  • Unlimited templates for creating blog posts, portfolios, and online stores, and even for creating iOS and Android apps.
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal type/category: E-commerce content and app creation

Rating: 5/5

How can you access


 Socialmonial is all in one platform for social media marketers. It helpsyou optimize your campaigns and increase revenue generated through various tools like social media analytics and automation.


Key Features

  •  In-built templates and unlimited background images
  •  In-built data privacy software
  • Generate success charts and reports
  • Analysis of ROI generation and marketing strategies
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal type/category: E-commerce, Social Media Marketing

Rating: 5/5

How can you access it:

Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals For Podcast

A podcast is an online audio episode series. A podcast generally features one or more hoss who narrates stories, shares experiences, etc. Available in downloadable format at various OTT platforms and music apps for free and paid. Here are some softwares/ tools that guides you to launch your own podcast. 

SoundWise Essentials Plan

   Soundwise is a complete kit for launching, customization, and selling your podcast online. Use audio to engage more customers and manage everything from one dashboard. 


You just need to upload your audio, set your pricing and share your landing and watch your product getting sold. 

Key Features

  •  Access Controls and Permission
  • Audio File management
  • Audio/Video Upload
  • Audio recording
  • Payment Processing
  • Publishing and sharing
  • Member Portal
  • Mobile Access
  • Social Media Integration
  • Text Editing
  • Website Management
  • Reports and Analysis
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal type/category: Launch, Sell, Manage Podcast

Rating: 5/5

How can you access it:

Bounce Cast

 Bounce cast is a digital audio app that enables podcasters, video creators, and audio creators to create, publish, edit and sell their content. 


Key Features

  •  Transparent Compression, Subtractive equilization, peak limiting, for audio
  • Import-Export files in WAV, MP3, FLAC, AIFF, and more.
  • Record Your podcast right from the app
  • Import any pre-recorded audio
  • Export to multiple formats
  • Interactive guidance
  • Control unwanted frequencies.
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal type/category: podcast creation

Rating: 4.1 / 5

How can you access it:

Notetracks Pro

Notetrack pro helps content creators review, collaborate and edit their content from anywhere under the sun. You just need to log in and you can access feedback, and collaborations and complete and share your audio projects.


     Key Features

  • Project Management
  • Audio-Video conferencing
  • More versatile and flexible from Notetracls
  • Show audio waveform visually
  • Lets its users collaborate in real-time
  • Import audio files directly from google drive, drop box or your desktop. 
  • Pin notes, and comments while real-time streaming
  • Keep everyone on the same page at the same time
  • Powerful media playbacks and controls
Original PriceDeal Price

           Deal type/category: Podcast feedback and collaboration

Rating: 5/5

How can you access it:

Podcast Pitch Kit

Podcast Pitch kit is a step by step for podcast creation, book your podcast show, and a podcast pitch tracker.


Key Features

  • Unlimited Templates: Podcast Pitch, Promotional graphic templates
  • Track your progress with the podcast pitch tracker
  • Unique press page to create email pitch
  • Your personal podcast guide
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal type/category: Podcast creator for beginners 

Rating: 5/5

How can you access it:

Podcast Launch Strategy

This tool by Chris Cownden illustrates the best strategies to be adopted while starting your own podcast. Chris Cownden is a podcaster who launched his own podcast in 120 days and became something from nothing is here to teach what strategies he adopted for his podcast.

podcast launch strategy

  Key Features

  • Personalized examples
  • Real-time experience
  • Shared interviews
  • Best strategies for podcast creation
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal type/category: Strategies for podcast

Rating: 5/5

How can you access it:

Audio Buzz

Audio buzz is an audio finding tool where you can find top notch audios with video graphics for easy listening or you can add those audios to a podcast to make it super fresh.


 Key Features

  •  Unlimited Internal Usage
  • Unlimited Web and social media usage
  • Video upload of upto 2GB
  • New Tracks added Regularly
  • Unlimited Apps/Video games and Audio
  • Best Royalty Free Music
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal type/category: Audio-providing tool

Rating: 5/5

How can you access it:

Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals For WordPress

Get your website optimized with an expert-selected WordPress plugin to generate quality content and website optimization at low cost from the deals listed below:

 If- So

 If-So is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add, and edit website content according to the dynamism of customer satisfaction. It enhances your reach and allows you to edit your content from anywhere anytime.

if so

Key Features

  •  3 step content strategy
  • Use any page builder
  • Convert your content easily
  • Analyse your content with in-built statics
  • Ideal for- Website owners, digital marketers, and freelancers
  • Customize any type of content on your website
  • Unlimited Versions for page builder
  • Edit content based on certain conditions like: search terms, location, pages visited, or the number of visits.
Original PriceDeal Price

  Deal type/category: WordPress Plugin 

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it: 


WooLeenter assists you to create as many woo commerce stores as you want without coding.

wool ebtor

Key Features

  • Create your own woolentor template or start with in-built templates
  • Use the drag and drop feature for customization
  • Dozens of templates are available to choose from
  • Vertical and Horizontal Filter 
  •  multi-step check out
  • Edit your page using elementor
  • Customize your checkout page and add navigation buttons
Original PriceDeal Price

  Deal type/category: Website Creation

  Rating:  5/5

  How can you access it: 

Yay Mail by Yay Commerce

Yay Mail is a plugin that allows customizing your woo-commerce email templates without applying strong codes. 

yay mail

Key Features

  •  Ideal for woocommerce sellers, web designers, marketers
  • Customize transactional and marketing email templates
  • Customize email according to targetted outreach
  • Upsells
  • Feedback request
  • Coupon offers, discounts, sales
  • Design email templates globally or custom CSS 
  • Manage and review elements in a single row
  • Send trial emails
  • Set conditions and shortcodes for the drop-down menu
  • Save hours from strategizing marketing
  • Add tracking feature for customers for orders
  • support multiple languages like WPML, Polylang, and TranslatePress.
Original PriceDeal Price

   Deal type/category: Email Marketing

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it:


Linkz.ai plugin is an automated plugin that adds hyperlinks and preview link to the website so that visitors cannot leave the website without watching the content. 


Key Features

  •  Automatically adds link preview pop-ups
  • Lead generation
  • Reduce bounce rates
  • Ideal for bloggers, content creators, and content marketers
  • Generate mobile-friendly hyperlinks
  • Interact visitors with video, audio, graphics, and other rich content
  • Works with pdf too
  • integrates with major website builders like Squarespace, WordPress, and Webflow
  • Can disable preview for some links
Original PriceDeal Price

  Deal type/category: Lead generation, content creation

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it:


Its the first-ever Lottie library. Creattie is JSON based plugin used by designers and developers to add animation to their content to make it more interactive.


Key Features

  •  Lightweight
  • Saves time for animation and illustrations
  • Best tool for designers, developers, and creators
  • Handpicked designs
  • Customize colors, stroke width, animation speed, loops, and hovers
  • Available in static and animation version
Original PriceDeal Price

   Deal type/category: Animation

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it: 

Affiliate Booster

It’s a WordPress plugin to boost sales with content creation and beautiful designs and user-friendly controls.

affiliet booster

Key Features

  • Brighter display
  • Quality cameras
  • Cinematic experience
  • Great battery life
  • Ready-made templates
  • User-friendly controls
  • No coding and professional experience
  • Customization available
  • Mobile-friendly tool
Original PriceDeal Price

  Deal type/category: Sales booster with designing 

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it:

Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals For Webinar

 Conduct your own webinar or high engaging meetings with customers, employees, and students with the software mentioned below at a great deal to never miss upon:

EventTitans is an event management plugin that lets you launch and manage online events. You can create your own website, sell tickets, and automatically onboard speakers and sponsors for the session.


event titans

Key Features

  • Ticketing
  • Video streaming
  • In-person check-ins
  • Inbuilt CRM
  • Facilities: Purchase tickets, book hotel, see event details, raise funds
  • Conduct fundraising events
  • Set your own cancellation and return policies
  • Automated cancellation available
  • On-site badge printing
  • Custom white-label website
  • Chat and exchange legit digital business cards
Original PriceDeal Price

    Deal type/category: Event Management

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it: 

Business hangout

Business Hangout is an automated business webinar platform that uses an inbuilt interactive tool to enhance employee engagement

business hangouts

Key Features

  •  Automate event details and reminders
  • Ideal for event managers, NGOs, Sales teams, and Companies with a large team force
  • Shareable Links
  • Instant Meeting up to 10 people
  • Integrate payment for paid events
  • Discounts, offers
  • Polls
  • Replays pf webinar
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal type/category: Webinar 

Rating: 5/5

How can you access it: 


Utobo is like an automated eCommerce site to conduct live classes, create courses and sell them to users.


Key Features

  •  Ideal for online educators, online teachers for cooking classes, and weight loss trainers.
  • Add calendar for live classes
  • Integrate Zoom and Blue Jeans
  • Upload Multimedia files
  • Insert video links
  • Create your course and set pricing
  • Customize details and schedule live classes
  • Create email campaigns and track record
  • Edit inbuilt template
  • Integrate stripe
Original PriceDeal Price

  Deal type/category: Online classes and courses

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it:

PowerPoint Bundle By Siwox

Create your own professional PowerPoint presentation with Siwox.

powerpoint bundle

Key Features

  • 13 PPT templates
  • Customize your own PPT
  • Five different color schemes per template
  • Widescreen aspect ratio 16:9
  • All elements are editable and resizable
Original PriceDeal Price

   Deal type/category: PPT

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it:


Utech is an online teaching platform that allows you to create and sell online courses and allows you to create your own custom website with inbuilt templates.


Key Features

  •  Automate online teaching
  • Custom website with inbuilt templates
  • Add external links like youtube video links, documents, and images
  • Disable fast forward section
  • Create live lessons and webinars
  • Automate live class calendars
Original PriceDeal Price

  Deal type/category: Online Teaching

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it:

Best AppSymo Deals for Hosting

Host your own projects with complete customization as per your needs and specification with appsumo’s amazing products at low cost. “Requires no coding”.  Listed below are various deals for your reference:


Nifty is an online platform for collaborative projects, goals, and efforts to streamline a project. You can create a collaborative project as a team.


Key Features

  •  Connect with teammates
  • Schedule meetings and tasks
  • Track records
  • Real-time messages with the team
  • Automate task tracking
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal type/category: Collaborate task

Rating: 5/5

How can you access it: 


Sellix is an e-commerce platform where you can host your products for buyers.


Key Features

  •  Custom Domain
  • Upselling options
  • Fraud shields
  • Custom storefront without coding
  • Sell digital goods and services
  • Works with telegram and discord members to sell membership
  • In-built tools to manage subscriptions
Original PriceDeal Price

  Deal type/category: Hosting products on e-commerce

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access


It is a gaming platform that allows creating of interactive content for the viewers. The content includes quizzes, slideshows, interactive maps, timelines, mini-games, and many more.


Key Features

  •  Easy to use templates
  • Design quizzes and slideshows
  • Flexible easy to learn editor
  • Games with friendly competition with timer’
  • Create imaginative, multi-level games
Original PriceDeal Price

Deal type/category:  Host Games

Rating: 5/5

How can you access it:

WP Adminify 

WP Adminify is a plugin that allows you to customize your WordPress dashboard with various tools for page builder, menu, and folder. 


Key Features

  •  Light and dark mode 
  • Disable admin notices
  • WordPress login customizer
  • WordPress dashboard menu editor
  • Dashboard white label
  • Header and footer
  • Admin page using page builder
Original PriceDeal Price

  Deal type/category: WordPress dashboard editor

  Rating: 4/5

  How can you access it:


Wiremo is an easy-to-use customer review platform where you can check your customer rating for your hosting.


Key Features

  •  Write review in 15 languages
  • Integrated with Shopify, Squarespace, and WordPress
  • User generated content
  • Automated customer review, analysis
Original PriceDeal Price

              Deal type/category: Customer review

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it:


Vanjaro is a plugin that provides you tools that are related to reaction, launch and manage of your website without coding.


Key Features

  •  Mobile friendly
  • Website optimization
  • No coding
  • Drag and drop options
  • Customization available
  • Integration: Apply Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, credit and debit cards
  • Automated shipping
  • Generate Email campaigns
  • Templates available
  • Schedule campaigns
  • Edit and manage content anytime
Original PriceDeal Price

  Deal type/category:  Website hosting

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it:


Preceden is a digital tool that allows you to create professional timelines and roadmaps with a few simple steps


Key Features

  •  Visualize a professional timeline
  • Pin events
  • Add key events
  • Customize themes, fonts, etc
  • Set your own time
  • Flexible project durations
  • Unlimited projects
  • Export your timeline to external sources
Original PriceDeal Price

  Deal type/category:  Project modulator

  Rating: 5/5

  How can you access it:

About AppSumo

Since its launch in 2010, AppSumo has become the world’s most popular online marketplace where you can get the best deals for online tools for your business. Whether you are a blogger, digital marketer, Youtuber, or entrepreneur, AppSumo is the best place for you to get online tools and applications to increase your customer/viewer count.

In basic terms, AppSumo is the B2B site for buying and selling goods and services, digitally. It is the complete solution for all your Marketing, Sales, Project Management, SEO, etc, related needs.

There are two ways to use AppSumo’s services:

  • Businesses that sell digital tools and services can partner with AppSumo to widen their business and introduce their products on AppSumo’s website with steeper discounts to grow their business. 
  • Entrepreneurs/Bloggers/Content Creators browse through their websites to buy tools and applications of their genre to create quality content for their customers/viewers and grow more. Usually, creators look for heavily discounted products that suit their choices. AppSumo is perfect for them as it has a wide range of products for everyone’s needs and helps them gain larger profits at minimal expenses. 

In order to facilitate these deals, AppSumo partners with various organizations to create and offer products in the digital marketplace. In other to make it more infographic, AppSumo spreads information about each deal vast in online media that accelerates its sales, and hence, all the products vanish in minutes after the announcement of deals. But, buyers never returned disheartened as AppSumo has a wide range of products and every product has steep discounts that no one can deny.

AppSumo’s quality sales facilitate companies to make profits easily and spontaneously. That’s the reason companies are willing to invest more in their products on AppSumo’s website. It’s a dual solution for buyers and sellers. Buyers get best-discounted deals and sellers can sell their products at the world’s best online marketplace at a pace that no one can beat.

AppSumo Plus is another gift by the Sumo family to level up your services at more affordable prices. Now you can become a member of the Sumo family by signing into their plus membership and enjoying an extra 10% discount on already discounted Hot Deals. 

Isn’t it awesome?

There is a lot more to discover about AppSumo’s Plus Membership:

  • Access to all AppSumo original products including KingSumo
  • Deals can be purchased even after 72 hours of expiry
  • The product list goes on and on!

Grab AppSumo Plus today! At just $99/year- Cancel Anytime. 

Still, thinking of putting your hands on AppSumo?

Let’s know more about this amazing platform.

Benefits of AppSumo:

  • Huge variety of products
  • Discounts up to 95%
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly deals
  • Enjoy Lifetime Access
  • 60-Day Money-back guarantee
  • World Class Customer Support
  • Win-Win situation for both buyer and seller

It’s not the end of the journey folks, wait for the breath-taking deals from the best partner in tools, AppSumo!

What’s Hot about AppSumo?

Want to create your own podcast? Have issues in targeting the audience? 

We have good news for you!

AppSumo has recently launched its first-ever podcast section. So, Yeah! You can now enjoy endless deals while creating your perfect podcast. Learn, create, and grow your own podcast with the best tools that will change everything for you. 

AppSumo’s newly launched podcast section has various software from live voiceover comments feature to their magic podcast having features that you need in your starter pack. 

Learn how to launch your own podcast with AapSumo: https://blog.appsumo.com/how-to-start-a-podcast/ 

Level Up Your Podcast with unlimited software and deals at AppSumo!

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