BionicWP Review 2021 – The Future Of Managed Hosting Solutions

As far as Managed Hosting Solutions is concerned, there are several options available for the average user. 

However, just like making any other decision that affects you and your business directly, it is not wise to pick any of the managed hosting solutions available in the market. 

You need to be wise and select the one that provides you and your business the most benefits and offers a high return on your investment. 

So, if you are one of those who want the best of the best for their business, better keep reading on!

As far as Managed Hosting Solutions are concerned, there are plenty of issues that exist in the market. 

The biggest one of them being that many managed hosting solutions are represented to the public as a much better option than it really is. 

They hardly improve the user experience and are just a way of raking in money from people who do not have much expertise in the subject by strategically marketing their service. 

This is where BionicWP comes in. It is one of the best, if not the best, Managed Hosting Solutions available in the market right now. 

Unlike other similar services, BionicWP offers an extraordinary user experience and gives the much-needed boost to a business to take it to new heights. 

So, make the right choice and choose BionicWP as your host! 

BionicWP’s Impact On Your Business 

bionicWP Review

As the name itself suggests, BionicWP is a WordPress-based Managed Hosting Solution that provides top-of-the-line features, tools, and specifications to help operate your business according to your preferences and its demands. 

As the back end of the BionicWP hosting solution is based on Google Cloud, it significantly depends on Google C2 High Compute Instance. When you combine this feature with a super-optimized stack, super speed for your website is easily guaranteed! 

Isn’t it a great solution to address the speed issue and improve your overall page experience?

Apart from the super speedy website, it keeps you in control of everything. If you want the best server performance, you can get it done. 

If you want to edit the content that is present on WordPress, you can get it done. If you wish to improve your website so it can comfortably handle more traffic, you can easily make the tweaks! All of this is attainable without needing much effort and time!

Here are some of more things that BionicWP is exceptional at:

  • White label hosting solution
  • Provides a staging area that has access to SSH
  • High-performance SSL, CDN, and Scalability
  • Weekly performance report and monitoring
  • 30-day site backup that is also hack-proof
  • Perfect score on Google Pagespeed Insights that guarantees the performance
  • WordPress Plugin, Theme, and Core update management
  • LIMITLESS WordPress website edits

Due to all the extraordinary features, you must be wondering that it must cost a lot to get them all. Well, there is a piece of good news for you.

It has highly competitive prices, and you get the option to get all additional features for a low price of $25 in addition to your hosting cost

Just make sure you tick the “Unlimited Edits” check box before confirming the purchase!

bionicwp unlimited edits

BionicWP Overview

BionicWP is fairly simple and straightforward to utilize. You have the option to sign up for a free trial to get an idea of how things work without paying a single penny.

bionicwp dashboard

Everything is displayed on the main dashboard, and as soon as you initiate a site, it is displayed on the Live Sites box. 

Here, you can see the number of plugins that have been installed along with the theme and other relevant information. 

Without any further ado, let us make a live website as a demonstration for you!

Launch Your Very Own Website With BionicWP

bionicwp environment selection

As soon as you press on the “New Site” tab on the main dashboard, it will direct you to the installation page.

Here, you can choose to make a completely new website or migrate an older one. Here, we will launch a new website rather than migrating an older one.

bionicwp launch new site

Once the website is ready, we will notice that a live site is available on the main dashboard.

bionicwp total websites

Now that we have a ready live site, we will have a WordPress installation process available to us. 

The website would already be super fast as it uses a super-performance stack, so you can do whatever you want with it.

bionicwp site test

Now that the website is ready, we will continue by installing a theme that is already available along with the plugins.

Once you install them, they will show on the main dashboard as well.

bionicwp performance management

Next up, you get the option to update everything by merely clicking “Update All.” However, if you prefer to update them one after another, you can do that as well.

bionicwp updates

You can also look at the plugin that says BionicWP when you visit the WordPress admin panel.

bionicwp admin panel

This displays the current status of plugins, themes, and other WordPress core that are available. 

Also, if you want to improve the website performance more, the cache that is on an application-level can help you do that.

bionicwp purge cache

BionicWP’s Site Management Details

Let us now take a closer look at all the features BionicWP puts forward to help manage the website.

bionicwp control panel

For beginners, the website dashboard displays a look at everything available to you.

bionicwp ftp and ssh access

Now that you have access to SSH, with just a click, you can log in to the database, where you can improve the site performance. 

The button that says “Make The Numbers Bionic” is a magical button that significantly enhances your website’s performance. 

Right now, you can not see any rank for the page speed as the website is brand new.

Super-Performance Activated

With BionicWP, you can give a hyper-performance boost to your website. To give you an idea of how significant the boost is, let us carry out a test to examine the performance boost!

bionicwp settings

BionicWP provides its users with a Nitropack superspeed pack and its own CDN, which boosts the overall performance of your website. 

Nitropack creates a clone of your site on its own servers so it can quickly fetch data from it. On the other hand, CDN distributes your content worldwide to its servers.

Testing BionicWP Website Speed

Although CDN and Nitropack are not active yet for WordPress, you can still notice that the test results by Google PageSpeed display a perfect score!

bionicwp speed test

Go and check BionicWP yourself by pressing the “Try It Before You Buy It” option so you can get an idea about this exceptional managed hosting solution. 

Make a wise choice and help your business to reach new heights by choosing BionicWP as your managed hosting solution!

Detailed BionicWP Features

As you now have a little idea about how BionicWP takes the win over other similar services let us look at more of its features in detail. 

You will soon start to realize how it will help you save a lot of time by taking on the additional site management tasks.

1. Ideal WordPress Website Hosting

What is the first thing that you think of when you hear managed WordPress website hosting solutions? Is it server-level management and support?

Is it something that provides multiple options for customizations to your application? Is it something that offers application-level management and support in addition to server-level?

Well, BionicWP provides you with all of it! 

wordpress website

In a nutshell, it is safe to say that BionicWP works as a guardian for your website that takes care of everything from site management, server management, WordPress post, and page edits, and everything in between!

2. Unlimited Edits

If you hire a Virtual Assistant that would help you out with everyday website edits, it can become costly for you, especially if you run a small business. 

Every small business owner wants to save as much as they possibly can so they can help grow their business. 

With the help of BionicWP, this dream of saving additional costs can easily come true. BionicWP allows its clients to get unlimited edits whenever they want. 

Whether you want to change the media content, update plugins, or do anything else, you can easily demand it. Moreover, the support team handles everything professionally to ensure your satisfaction with the service!

3. White-Label Hosting Solution

Unlike several other WordPress hosting solution agencies and experts, BionicWP offers white-label hosting.

This means that BionicWP offers complete support, but the company would be able to represent it as their own. 

This means that the final consumer of your business would have no clue about BionicWP as there would be no branding at all.

4. Ideal For Businesses, Agencies, And Site-Owners

Due to all the unique site management features offered by BionicWP hosting solutions to businesses, it is ideal for businesses, agencies, and other site-owners.

By getting a hosting solution that suits your need in addition to the $25 optional addon, business owners can free a lot of time and focus on more important things by letting the BionicWP support team take care of menial tasks of your WordPress.

Similarly, owners of different agencies would not need to handle support issues and website management by themselves. 

All of it will be assigned to BionicWP support staff. So, instead of spending hours on these site management issues, agencies can spend all that time on other meaningful work. 

In the end, not only would BionicWP help save them a lot of time, but they will also help cut down a lot of costs which will help in the business growth eventually!

5. Performance

Let us now take a look at how BionicWP is a much better hosting solution than all of its competitors when it comes to website performance.

performance chart

Perfect Google PageSpeed Insight Score

Unlike any of the other hosting solutions out there in the market, BionicWP offers a perfect Google PageSpeed Insight Score that is over 90. 

– Increase Conversion Rate By Over 20%

Conversion rate is one of the most important things for any business that is operating online.

Whenever you grow the overall traffic to your website, the conversion rate goes up naturally as well. Do you know what brings in more traffic? 

A site that performs exceptionally well and is speedy. With the help of BionicWP, you will get guaranteed performance which would lead to higher traffic and, in return, a better conversion rate!

Premium Tier Bandwidth with Google C2 High Compute Instances

Google C2 High Compute Instance servers provide one of the finest, if not the finest, performance ratios for the cloud instances. 

With incredibly high specifications, they have the most reliable and the fastest cloud servers in the industry.

MYSQL/MariaDB with LXD Containers + PHP 7.4 + Nginx + FCGI

BionicWP does not only have cloud servers that help in its exceptional performance. The entire hosting stack combined with Linux containers and application-level and server-level support keeps it the best in the game!

Premium-Performance CDN

As BionicWP provides its CDN that has its own servers in six continents around the world, it makes it considerably easy for users to have a better website distribution in an instant.

6. Security

The secure BionicWP hosting solution is something that they take pride in. BionicWP offers complete and routinely website-wide backups, malware protection, hack-proofing, bot-blocking, IP whitelisting, and several other security features.

web security

– Easy Malware Scanning

If you are worried that your web app or website might be affected by malware, BionicWP hosting solution will give you an option to scan for any malware from its dashboard. 

This means that you would need any plugin from a third-party to do the job for you. Just press on “Start Scan” and wait for the results!

Hack Promise

Any website is prone to cyber-attacks, such as getting hacked if they are not entirely secure. Therefore, BionicWP offers complete hack-proofing to ensure that your website is safe from hackers!

Website Application Firewall

WAF continuously monitors all the traffic that comes on your website to ensure that the clients are safe from any cyber-attacks. 

BionicWP makes sure that the site has complete WAF protection, preventing attacks like DDoS, cross-website scripting, SQL injection, etc.

Site Management

Any hosting solution will be incomplete if it is unable to offer a theme, core, website edits, plugin updates, and frequent site maintenance. Hence, BionicWP offers all of it to its users.

site management

Theme, Core, And Plugin Updates

BionicWp allows its users to keep everything updated on their WordPress, including the theme, plugins, core, and other relevant things from the main dashboard. 

As mentioned earlier, you can easily press “Update All” to update them all at once or select update after individual options to update them separately. 

Limitless Site Edits

With BionicWP, you get unlimited website edits. This means that for a little price of just $15, you can enjoy 30 minutes of limitless website edits during the month. This one feature is something that is unique with BionicWP!

Regular Speed Monitoring

BionicWP ensures that all the websites of their clients are performing exceptionally well. Hence, they regularly monitor speed and other performances to find any issues (if there are) and fix them as soon as possible, so the customers don’t even get a hint of it!

White Label Help

BionicWP can be used like your company’s reseller. This means that, for instance, as an agency, you can make use of BionicWP’s white label help to get complete application and server support. 

Let’s assume that your customers require any hosting solution. 

Well, even in that case, you will always have BionicWP as an option! Just provide your client with the hosting service, and they would not have a clue about BionicWP involvement as we will work under your brand name instead of ours.

Staging Environment

Carrying out tests on a live website can turn horrible in a matter of seconds. After all, it impacts user behavior greatly and can reduce the overall traffic, rank your website lower on search engines, and hurt your conversion rate as well. 

Hence, BionicWP offers a staging environment where you can make a clone of your live site and make any necessary changes to it. 

As soon as you are satisfied with the results, you can roll out the final version online!

Testing BionicWP’s Security And Performance

To test out the performance and security, we will use the top tools available online.

Pingdom Speed Testing

Pingdom is one of the best performance and speed testing tools available in the market. Let us see how the website performs!

Server: Iowa

bionicwp speed test in usa

Keep in mind that these results are without CDN and Nitropack enabled on BionicWP!!!

Let us now carry out the same test again, but with Nitropack and CDN enabled.

bionicwp speed test with nitro pack in usa

Now, you can notice in the results that the performance and the speed times have further improved after enabling CDN and Nitropack.

GTMetrix Speed Test

GTMetrix is another well-known tool for site performance recommendations and site analysis. Let us see how a website hosted by BionicWP performs here.

bionicwp speed test using gtmetrix

Here are the results without enabling CDN and NitroPack.

Let us now see how it performs after turning on both of them.

bionicwp speed test with cdn and nitro pack using gtmetrix

Again, the LCP has further decreased!

Testing The Security With Quttera

Quttera is a security testing tool that is widely used by professionals. Let us see how secure a website is that is hosted by BionicWP.

bionicwp url investigation details

You can clearly see that it renders the website completely safe!

BionicWP Pricing

BionicWP offers new clients a low price of just $27.5 for one website. Although, you need to keep in mind that once you start increasing websites that are hosted on BionicWP, the price starts to decrease for additional websites. It is not the same for them all.

bionicwp pricing

Till five websites, you pay a flat rate of 22.5 per website or a total of $112.5. This is $5 lesser per website when compared with a single website. 

This will further decrease as you keep on increasing the websites to be hosted by BionicWP.

bionicwp cost

Receive Commission With The Help Of BionicWP’s Affiliate Program

You can also earn a commission in case you work as an affiliate marketer. All you need to do is go here and sign up, and for each referral, earn over $75 along with 12.5% recurring commissions.

  • It offers a 60-day cookie.
  • You get paid in a 60-day window.
  • There is no minimum payout (you will get paid even if it is just $0.01)
  • Even if you are an affiliate marketer, a blogger, YouTuber, Freelancer, Instagram influencer, or a course trainer, you can be an affiliate with BionicWP!

What Do Their Clients Have To Say About BionicWP?

All website administrators wish to receive the perfect hosting solution. They want the best performance, complete scalability, perfect security features, and super-fast and convenient support staff. 

That is exactly what BionicWP provides them with! Their continually increasing client base is evident in the fact that we keep their customers satisfied! They enjoy immense speeds and perfect results on every tool! 
Here is some extra evidence of websites that are performing exceptionally well on BionicWP hosting solutions! Visit speed results for a more detailed analysis!

website speed test based in bionicwp

BionicWP Against Its Competitors

Let us first compare it with Kinsta by listing down all the features that BionicWP offers, but Kinsta doesn’t and giving the pricing difference as well to make the decision much easier!

Unlimited Performance OptimizationsYesNo
Managed WP Core UpdatesYesNo
Try Before You BuyYesNo
Guaranteed Perfect Google Speed ScoreYesNo
Free MigrationsYesNo
Limitless Edits On WebsiteYesNo
Everyday Ticket SupportYesYes

You can see how BionicWP is a much better choice than a well-known managed Hosting solution – Kinsta!

WPEngine VS BionicWP

Between the two, BionicWP is easily the better choice. Want to know how? Well, BionicWP is a much diverse hosting solution as it offers many options to its clients. 

You get limitless website edits, which is currently a unique feature of BionicWP; you get guaranteed speed, you enjoy the try before you buy its feature, and get the best pricing in the market! 

The rest of the table is exactly the same as the one above, except that WPEngine also offers Free Migrations.

If you are looking forward to explore a few more Best managed WordPress Hosting, you must read our FlyWheel Hosting Review.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum price for buying BionicWP hosting?

The very first plan of BionicWP starts with just $27.5 per month. It is good option to start your small and medium business WordPress website that gives you 5GB of Disk Space and 50GB of CDN Bandwidth.

Is there any affiliate program with BionicWP?

Yes, BionicWP provides you affiliate program with recurring commission.
BionicWP pay you $75 per sale and 12.5% of recurring commission for 2 years.
The payment will be paid within the 60 days of sale.

What web hosting services are provided by the BionicWP?

BionicWP provides you managed WordPress hosting services, where it provide you unlimited site edits, great performance, best user experience, and so many premium features that you will not see in other managed WordPress hosting providers.

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In A Nutshell

After going through all this blog, you must now have an idea about how BionicWP is the best option out there for any business. 

Not only would it help you save money and time, but it will also allow you to grow your business! You get 24/7 support, several unique features at an unbeatable price. 

To be honest, choosing BionicWP as your hosting solution is a no-brainer. 

No other competitors come even close to its performance, and their clients have similar things to say about it.

So, focus on more important things in your business and let the support team at BionicWP take care of website management. 

Enjoy more traffic, a higher conversion rate, and more profits with BionicWP as your perfect managed hosting solution!

You can easily use any domain purchased from renowned domain registrars like Google Domains Registrar.

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