ConvertKit Black Friday Deals 2023: Exclusive $1150 Discount

Are you looking for a discount on ConvertKit? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. As we are going to share how you can save $1150 while buying ConvertKit’s plans on the occasion of ConvertKit Black Friday Deals.

You will also get this offer during Cyber Monday Sales. But once these occasions pass, you won’t get any deal like this whole year.

So don’t miss this opportunity and grab the maximum savings on any ConvertKit plan.

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ConvertKit Black Friday Deals

Summary Of ConvertKit Black Friday Deals 2023

All the deals and offers on ConvertKit that you are going to have this Black Friday and Cyber Monday is discussed in this section.

You will get 3 amazing offers which are written below.

What will you get in ConvertKit Black Friday deals?

Following are the deals that are available to customers of ConvertKit during Black Friday:

  1. Free subscription to manage up to 1,000 subscribers
  2. $1150 Off in Starter Kit.
  3. $100 Off in the Creator plan.
  4. Free 2-month subscription on buying annual plan.

Savings During ConvertKit Black Friday Deals 2023

In the summary you already know, what deals you will get but how much you will save as compared to normal days is discussed in this section. So keep reading to know the exact pricing of normal days and savings during Black Friday.

Savings of 100% in the New Plan

Yes, you read it right. You are going to save in the newly launched plan of ConvertKit as it is entirely free for everyone. In this plan, you can have a maximum of 1000 subscribers.

If you want more subscribers to manage then you will have to switch to the paid plans which are already being available at huge discounts during ConvertKit Black Friday deals.

Savings of $1150 in Starter Kit

In the starter kit plan of ConvertKit, you are going to save a huge $1150 on buying the annual plan. Such a big discount by any email marketing tool is rare.

Regular price: $1400 per year

Black Friday Price: $249 per year

Savings: $1150

Savings of $100 in Creator Plan

You can also save $100 if you purchase the annual creator plan of ConvertKit. The regular price of this plan is $299 for a year. But on the occasion of Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Discounts, you will get it for only $199 a year.

Regular Price: $299 per year

Black Friday Price: $199 per year

Savings: $100

Other 2023 ConvertKit Black Friday Deals

  • Free subscription of 2 months on buying any annual plan of ConvertKit.
  • Free Trial of 7 days.

Summarized table for all ConvertKit plans and offers:

Plans NameRegular PriceBlack Friday PriceSavings
Starter Kit$1400 for a year$249 for a year$1150
Creator$299 for a year$199 for a year$100
Creator Pro$59 for a month$50 for a month$9 per month

*Note: Most of the offers shown here and available during Black Friday deals are applicable when you choose the billing period as yearly. These offers will be extended till Cyber Monday.

How to get ConvertKit Black Friday Deals 2023?

Follow these steps to get huge discounts that are stated in this post for ConvertKit plans.

Step-1: Click here, to go to the official website of ConvertKit.

Step-2: Click on the pricing menu button on the top as shown in the image below.

convertkit pricing

Step-3: Choose the plan that is suitable for you. If you are starting your journey and are also serious about it then I recommend choosing a creator plan instead of a free plan.

Do not forget to select the yearly billing period.

Step-4: Now you will be asked to tell whether you are new to email marketing or if you have used any other tool before. Choose as per your situation.

Step-5: Enter your website address. (We skipped a step asking whether you have a website or not, considering you have a website)

Step-6: Choose the platform of your website.

Step-7: Select which type of creator you are.

ConvertKit account creation process

Step-8: Now create your account using your email address.

Create account on covertkit

You have grabbed the discount!

Once the trial period is over you will have to pay the amount for the subscription of your plan.

Quick Overview of ConvertKit

ConvertKit was launched in 2013 as there were no such tools with great efficiency that can make it possible for influencers to reach their audience directly in their mailbox.

It is one of the powerful email marketing tools right now. The team of ConvertKit is not limited to only email marketing it has expanded its reach by launching other multiple tools. Let’s see some of them.

Top Features of ConvertKit

See the most useful tools and features that are available with ConvertKit. The dashboard of ConvertKit is organized in the form of 5 features or options.

1. Email Automation

This feature enables the process of sending emails to a specific group or the list of your subscribers automatically. You don’t have to send an email for every single action of the subscriber.

For example, once you sign up on Amazon. You receive a different welcome email on the other hand when you make a purchase you receive different mail. These are automated emails.

2. Subscribers List

In this section, you can see the list of your total number of subscribers that can also be divided into groups. Subscriber analytics of ConvertKit is considered as most accurate. No matter a single user sign-up number of times the list will have correct data.

3. Landing Page Builder

ConvertKit offers many attractive templates that are enough to excite users to sign up quickly and ultimately increasing the subscribers’ list leading to greater reach.

You can also design beautiful and eye-catchy forms that can lead to more subscribers on your list.

4. Sequences

Sequences are the emails that are to be sent in an appropriate gap. For example, you got a new subscriber, you decide to send him a mail once a week. This tool is available under the sequence section of ConvertKit.

5. Broadcasts

As the name suggests broadcasts are just like virtual announcements. Whenever you bring something new, and an email is sent to your subscribers this is called broadcast.

All these things can be done automatically with the help of ConvertKit software easily.

Top 4 reasons to choose ConvertKit during Black Friday Deals

Reasons to choose ConvertKit

Till now you have known the features and all the ConvertKit Black Friday deals. But now you will get to know why you should go with ConvertKit instead of its alternatives.

1. Huge Discount

You can see the discount on its alternatives also but you can’t have the discount equal to what ConvertKit is offering. A discount of $1150 is rare in any of its alternatives.

However, you may find less pricing in GetResponse Black Friday deals, one of the top alternatives of ConvertKit.

2. Made For Majority

Alternatives of ConverKit are not bad either. But the easiness of ConvertKit is higher than others. Team of ConvertKit openly claims that their platform is much easier to use than MailChimp, a top email marketing tool.

3. Free Migration

If you switch to ConvertKid from any other email marketing tool. You will not pay the charges for migration.

4. Customer Support for Everyone

In many companies, customer support is limited to their existing customers only. But here with ConvertKit anybody can chat or contact the customer care staff and the response will be given fast from their end.

Frequently Asked Questions About ConvertKit Black Friday Deals

Look at the FAQ to get your doubts cleared regarding the features and offers of ConvertKit.

Does ConvertKit offer a free trial?

Yes, you will get a free trial before the actual purchase of any plan.

Is email automation available with a free plan?

No. Email automation is limited to paid plans of ConvertKit only.

Is a money-back guarantee available with ConvertKit?

Yes. You will get 30 days of the money-back guarantee.

I am a beginner, which plan should I choose?

The creator plan is recommended for beginners as there are many limitations with the free plan of ConvertKit.

What is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is an email marketing software. If you have thousand and 2 thousand contacts and you want to manage them then ConvertKit is the best software for you. ConvertKit gives the option for adding up to thousands of contacts for free and you can send them unlimited emails.

Conclusion of ConvertKit Black Friday Deals

Save a huge $1150 this Black Friday in ConvertKit plans. I hope you have got all the points of ConvertKit.

Still, if you need any help or assistance from our side. We welcome you. Comment below with your important suggestions.

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