Webflow Black Friday Deals 2023: Get Extra 50% Discount

In this article, we are going to reveal the Webflow Black Friday Deals. If you are looking for the best website builder and thinking of starting a website then this article can help you a lot in this.

How? Webflow is an all-in-one website builder tool that is the best for static and dynamic websites. It provides you with all the features and services that can build any type of website whether it is a small static website or a dynamic eCommerce website.

Webflow Black Friday Discounts 2023

And the best thing about this Black Friday Sale is that you can get a heavy discount of a minimum of 50% OFF on Webflow’s products and services.

Here are the Webflow Black Friday Deals for November 2023:

Webflow Site Plans: Up to 30%

Site plans have two categories one is general and the other is eCommerce.

General site plans discounts are mentioned below.

PlanRegular priceOffer

Ecommerce site plans discounts are mentioned below.

PlanRegular priceOffer

Webflow offers two kinds of plans one is a Site plan which has already been discussed above and the other is a Workspace plan which again has two kinds of plans, one is for in-house teams whose paid plans start from $28/mo, and another plan is for freelancers and agencies whose premium starts from $24/mo.

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About Webflow

webflow black friday deals

As you know, on this Black Friday Sale 2023, Webflow is offering its products and services at a minimum discount of 50% OFF.

Before you know about the features and services of Webflow, let’s know a bit about this company.

Webflow is a drag-and-drop SaaS web application that allows users to design professional and responsive websites with its browser-based visual editing software.

So, Webflow is an American private company which is based in San Francisco. It was founded by Vlad Magdalin, Sergie Magdalin, Bryant Chou. It was initially released on 5 August 2013.

Features & Advantages of Webflow

In this section, we are going to know why you should go for Webflow. Yes, you got it right, we will know and discuss the features and services that Webflow provides with its products.

So, here are the features of Webflow Web Page Builder:

1. Easy-To-Use

webflow easy to use

The first one is Easy-To-Use, which is true of course. It is an easy webpage builder application that allows you to easily create attractive and professional websites.

It provides you with a web app where it is not necessary that you should be a designer or developer, if you are a newbie, then also it is not a tough task to create a beautiful website with Webflow.

If you are a beginner or a student, you must also grab our Grammarly student discount. 

2. Custom CSS

webflow add custom code

We understand that it is quite uncomfortable for designers who want to design their custom CSS and design pages accordingly.

So, by keeping in mind this thing, Webflow allows you to add your custom CSS and create your style classes to make changes to your website.

Write your custom CSS code, and paste it inside the <head></head> section of web pages, and that’s it. Publish your page and see the changes.

3. Drag-And-Drop

webflow drag and drop

Webflow is an online all-in-one drag-and-drop website builder tool that allows you to create a beautiful and attractive website without writing the code.

You can simply drag-and-drop the blocks as you do in WordPress or in other CMS and then you can customize that block according to you. 

But the thing is, it is more than all of the other CMS platforms. It is best of best and at the top of the line.

4. Free To Use

webflow start for fee

The best thing about the Webflow Page Builder is that it is completely free. You can try the Webflow features and services for a lifetime without submitting your credit card details. 

It’s a free lifetime service from Webflow. So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out now.

webflow features

We have done a lot of research and prepared a detailed guide on Webflow vs WordPress that helps you compare the two CMS platforms.

Webflow Plans & Pricing Black Friday

webflow hosting blackfryday deals

Webflow comes with two different types of plans, which are:

  1. Webflow Site Plans (Starts at $18 per month)
  2. Webflow Workspaces Plans (Starts $24 per month)

Let’s discuss these plans one by one in detail in the below sections. So, without wasting any second of time, let’s get started.

Webflow Site Plans

Webflow Site Plans are the best plans for your small, medium, and heavy-traffic websites. It brings you a lot of features and services that enhance the performance and speed of your website. You can host a static and eCommerce website here.

There are two categories under the Webflow Site Plans which are:

  1. General Plans
  2. Ecommerce Plans


Here are the common features that you are provided under both the Site and Ecommerce Plans.

  • Automatic Backup and Restore
  • Password Protection
  • Advanced SEO Controls
  • Super-fast Page Loads
  • SSL and In-Built Security
  • Immediate Scaling

1. General Plans

General Plans are the best plans for small, medium, and large business websites. You can easily get a 22% instant discount on an annual subscription to this hosting.

Note: We are discussing only premium plans.

There are four different plans that are provided by Webflow under its General Site Plans, which are:

  1. Basic
  2. CMS
  3. Business
  4. Enterprise (Custom Plan)
Webflow general site plans

Here is the table below that contains the plan’s details and price, check out them.

Custom DomainAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Monthly Visits25,0001,00,0005,00,000Custom
CDN Bandwidth50GB200GB400GB400GB+

2. E-commerce Plans

As the name says, Ecommerce Plans are the best plans for your ground and sky online store website.

Here you are provided with the best eCommerce services that will refine your website and help you to grow it.

There are three different plans under the Ecommerce plans of Webflow Hosting, are mentioned below:

  1. Standard
  2. Plus
  3. Advanced
Ecommerce plans

The below table contains the pricing and details of the Ecommerce plans:

Transaction Fees2%0%0%
Integrated CMSYesYesYes

Webflow Workspace Plans

Webflow workspace Plans are the best web hosting product for team projects. Yes, it offers two different categories under its Plans, which are:

  1. For In House-Teams
  2. For Freelancers & Agencies

We will discuss these plans products in detail below.


Here are a few of the common features that are available under both Individual and Team Plans of Webflow Workspace Plans:

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Client Billing
  • Global Swatches
  • 3D Transforms
  • Flexbox
  • Interactions and Animations
  • Reusable Symbols
  • Responsive Templates
  • Custom Fonts

1. Plans For In House-Teams

This plan is for the teams who want to start their website and make it live. The best part of this plan it serves you a Starter plan which is absolutely free.

Those users who want to start their first website or want to upgrade their hosting resources should purchase this web hosting.

There are three different premium plans which are available under this plan:

  1. Core
  2. Growth
  3. Enterprise

Check out the plan’s details and pricing in the below-mentioned table:

Client BillingAvailableAvailableAvailable

2. Plans For Freelancers & Agencies

Team plans are created for those groups or teams, who want to work together and build a great website. Webflow team plans are the best for medium and large business websites and projects where multiple users need to access the dashboard.

There are two different plans under this Plan which are:

  1. Freelancer
  2. Agency

Here is the table below that shows the plan details and pricing of :

Client BillingAvailableAvailable
No. of unhosted sites on
webflow.io domains

Workspace plans for freelancers and agencies can be checked from this link

Webflow & Its Competitors: Alternatives To Webflow

Why Webflow is better than others? We always suggest comparing a product with its best alternatives. 

This is because comparing a product with its top competitors actually gives you the best result for choosing the best seller for you.

So, here we are comparing Webflow with its best three competitors under the table below:

FeaturesWebflowWP EngineFlywheelSquareSpace
Automatic Backups YesFor 40 DaysYes
Password ProtectionYesWith PluginWith PluginYes
Site SearchYesYesYesYes

FAQ’s: Webflow Black Friday 2023 Deals and Discounts

What is Webflow used for?

Webflow is the online best website builder tool that is used by web designers. It is a no-code web designing online tool which creates attractive and professional websites. It is used for creating the website’s landing pages, eCommerce websites, and more…

Why Webflow is best?

Webflow is a free website builder that allows you to create beautiful websites with a smooth familiar UI. If you are a beginner and zero at coding, you can create a professional website with this tool.

Is Webflow difficult to use?

No. If you have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and javascript, then you are a professional web designer in Webflow. But if you don’t have knowledge of these languages, then also it is not a big deal to create a website with Webflow.

Is Webflow better than WordPress?

Webflow is a website builder and CMS that provides you hosting as well. As per our experience in web development, we found Webflow a bit fast and optimized for speed. You also don’t need to upgrade it every now and then.

Summary: Webflow Black Friday Deals

Webflow is offering a discount of 50% OFF on its Site and Workspace Plans of Hosting. You can get the deal during Black Friday and get the products.

Webflow Discounts & 50% Offers are available on the following products:

  • Webflow Site Plan
  • Webflow Workspace Plans

Time to wrap up with this article, we hope you like the content of this article and if you have a doubt regarding this article, then let us know with your comments under the comments section below.

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