5 Best Black Friday Domain Offers 2023 – Deals to Save Up to 99%

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Are you in search of domain names for the least possible price? From this post, we will share not only the least possible price of domains but you will also get the deals where you can get domain names for free. All these offers can be availed at the time of Black Friday domain offers.

This post will include the top 5 companies offering the best Black Friday domain deals and offers either for the cheapest amount or for free.

Summary Of Best Black Friday Domains Discounts

Best Black Friday Domain Offers

In the majority of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals if you want free domain names then you have to purchase a hosting plan. But if you want separate Black Friday offers for domain names in that case you can’t get the domain name for free but surely you can get a whopping discount.

What Will You Get In Black Friday Domain Deals?

We have listed out the best 5 Black Friday discounts for domains and multiple ways to grab different deals. Below are the domain companies about which the deals of this article revolve.

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Namecheap
  3. Bluehost
  4. HostGator
  5. Hostinger

1. GoDaddy Black Friday Domain Offers

Godaddy Domain Black Friday offers

GoDaddy is the world’s biggest domain registrar. In addition to registration of domain names, if your desired domain name is already registered, the team of Godaddy provides a broker service, by communicating with the owner of the domain for you by charging minor broker fees.

GoDaddy Domains

There are two ways you can grab GoDaddy Black Friday Domain offers. In the first case, you have to buy hosting from GoDaddy at the time of Black Friday and you will get a free domain name.

In the second case, if you want to purchase only domain names then use coupon codes given by us for getting big discounts.

Buy GoDaddy Domain Name Only

To get the domain name only use our coupon code during checkout.

Warning: Remove any other auto-applied coupon otherwise you will get less discount.

These coupon codes can avail a discount of up to 85%. Use coupon – CJC99COM.

Buy GoDaddy Domain Name Along With Hosting

When you buy hosting at the time of GoDaddy Black Friday deals you get domain names for free. Use coupon “cjcwph1”.

By using this coupon code what you can save is shown on the table below.

ExtensionsRegular Starting PriceOffer Price For Domain OnlyCoupon Code (For Domain Only)Offer Price of Domain with Hosting
.com$18.99 per year$4.99GDD1domFree
.net$19.99 per year$13.99GDD30offFree
.org$20.99 per year$9.99CJCGRABCOMFree
.tech$69.99 per year$9.99CJCGRABCOMFree
.in$11.99 per year$8.99CJCGRABCOMFree

Note: Offers on .in extension are applicable when you register your domain for 2 years. If you want to purchase .in domain for 1 year only then you can apply the “GDD30off” coupon code to get 30% off.

We have some important tutorials like how to get a free domain, Freenom and Hosting with free domain.

2. Namecheap Black Friday Domain Offers

Namecheap black friday offers

Founded in 2000 Namecheap has today more than 3 million customers and 13 million-plus domains. It is one of the biggest domain registrars that provide affordable and quality hostings too. Namecheap has 100% uptime hosting plans.

Namecheap is a US-based company founded by Richard Kirkendall.

Namecheap Domains

Like GoDaddy here also you can grab the Namecheap Black Friday domain offers in two ways, either buying the domain separately or buying hosting and get a domain for free.

Buy Namecheap Domain Name Only

To buy Namecheap domains separately on Black Friday domain deals, you will have to use the coupon code.

These coupons can avail you, a domain up to 99% off.

If you purchase the .com domain from the coupon code assigned on the table below you will get the following premium features for free:

  • Free 2-month email address trial
  • Free DNSSEC security
  • Free privacy protection for life
  • Free 24/7 customer support

Buy Namecheap Domain Name Along With Hosting

Buy any hosting plans from Namecheap during Black Friday and Cyber Monday and get a domain for free.

Check the summarized idea of getting a domain with or without hosting.

ExtensionsRegular Starting PriceOffer Price For Domain OnlyCoupon Code (For Domain Only)Offer Price of Domain with Hosting
.com$8.88 per year$6.98NEWCOM598Free
.net$12.98 per year$10.98SWIMINTLDSFree
.org$12.98 per year$7.48SWIMINTLDSFree
.host$84.98 per year$0.9899SPECIALFree
.college$11.99 per year$0.9999SPECIALFree

Note: Coupon code “NEWCOM598” is valid for new customers of Namecheap only.

Don’t forget to read our Namecheap vs Google Domains Review.

If you are a writer, grab the following deals as well:

3. Hostinger Black Friday Domain Offer

hostinger domains

Last but not least in the list is Hostinger that needs no introduction. Even a newbie who would have started his journey a few days back knows about Hostinger.

When it comes to hosting, my favorite choice is Hostinger because of its quality features like great uptime, security, fast speed, and budget-friendly.

Hostinger Domains

Although Hostinger has a section for entering coupon codes during checkout, most of the deals for domains are available when you purchase its hosting plans.

That’s why you won’t see any promo code individually for the domain.

Buy Hostinger Domain Name Along With Hosting

If you buy a premium or business plan of hostings from Hostinger then you get a free domain for a year with free SSL and a few other features.

Check the regular price of domain extensions from this table.

ExtensionsRegular Starting PriceOffer Price For Domain OnlyCoupon Code (For Domain Only)Offer Price of Domain with Hosting
.com$12.99 per year$9.99Auto-appliedFree
.net$14.00 per year$12.99Auto-appliedFree
.online$35.00 per year$0.99Auto-appliedFree
.link$10.50 per year$1.99Auto-appliedFree
.live$21.00 per year$3.50Auto-appliedFree

Don’t forget to check out Black Friday deals by Hostinger.

4. Bluehost Black Friday Domain Offers

Bluehost Black Friday

Bluehost is a top hosting provider in the market that offers other professional marketing tools as well. You can get a free domain if you subscribe to its plan during Black Friday discounts in the domain.

Bluehost is officially recommended hosting and domain registrar from WordPress.

Bluehost Domains

For buying the domain names from Bluehost, the procedure is a little different from the previous two. As here, Bluehost does not provide any section of ‘promo code’ to enter. But it does not mean you can’t get any discounts. You still have the option to get a domain name for free.

Here when you buy domain names separately you won’t get any discount on normal days.

Buy Bluehost Domain Name Along With Hosting

We suggest you buy any hosting plan during Black Friday deals that will give you two benefits. The first benefit is, at the time of Black Friday you will get the cheapest hosting plans and the second benefit is that you will get a free domain name.

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Bluehost Black Friday Deals 2023

ExtensionsRegular Starting PriceBlack Friday Price With Hosting
.com$12.99 per yearFree
.net$18.99 per yearFree
.org$9.99 per yearFree
.online$4.99 per yearFree
.site$2.99 per yearFree

5. HostGator Black Friday Domain Offers

hostgator black friday domain offers

HostGator was founded in the year 2002. So, it has 19 years of experience in web hosting and domain deals. That’s why HostGator is one of the top choices of marketers.

More than 2 million sites are being hosted through HostGator alone. If you want to know more about HostGator services and reliability, read this honest HostGator Review 2023.

HostGator Domains

Here we have 2 verified ways from which you can buy the domains either for free or at a lower cost. The first one is to buy separately domain name alone and the second is to buy hosting and get a domain name for free.

Buy HostGator Domain Name Only

Use the coupon codes assigned in the table of this section to get the maximum discount. Most of the times coupons are already applied as per ongoing offers.

So before paying the bill check coupon provided here also. As there are more chances that you will get a higher discount from the provided coupons of this site.

Buy HostGator Domain Name Along With Hosting

The second and best option to get a domain name is to select the best HostGator Black Friday deals for hosting that will give you a domain name for free. Our suggestion is to go with the shared hosting plan.

Check the table to get a proper summary of HostGator Black Friday domain discounts.

ExtensionsRegular Starting PriceOffer Price For Domain OnlyCoupon Code (For Domain Only)Offer Price of Domain with Hosting
.com$17.99 per year$12.95DEALSUM2021Free
.net$17.99 per year$12.95COUPONFOLLOW45Free
.org$17.99 per year$12.95SNAPPYFree
.host$45.00 per year$6.95SNAPPYFree
.club$15.00 per year$9.95SNAPPYFree

Grab the Black Friday deals by Hostgator now.

Frequently Asked Questions About Black Friday Domains Discount Offers

Some general questions that might come to your mind, their answers have been discussed here.

Note: We have some special offers like Nintendo Switch Black Friday for gamers and Udemy Black Friday for learners.

What are the ways through which I can grab offers in the domain?

You can grab the Black Friday deals for domains in two ways, either purchase the hosting plan and get a free domain name or buy a domain name separately by using the coupon codes.

When will Domain Black Friday deals go live?

All Domain deals are live for a limited period of time only. Grab it before it gets expired.

How to apply the Domain coupon code?

Copy the coupon code from here or click on the link of the coupon from this page and paste it during the checkout and billing section of the domain registrar.

What is the maximum discount I can grab on Domains during Black Friday?

From the coupons available in this post, you can get up to a 99% discount and on buying hosting you will get a domain name for free.

Are these domain black Friday offers available for renewals?

Yes if you transfer the domain from one registrar to another. If you continue with the same registrar, there is no discount on renewals.

Our latest deals and offers:

Conclusion Of Black Friday Domain 2023 Offers

Domain Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals are the best occasion to grab the maximum discounts on new domain registration as well as renewal of the domain.

If you find any coupons not working and want a new coupon, inform us by commenting down below. We will update the new and applicable coupon.

For hosting, we recommend visiting our Hosting Black Friday Deals 2023 page.

Other Astonishing Black Friday Deals In 2023

  1. WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals
  2. GreenGeeks Black Friday Deals
  3. GeneratePress Black Friday Deals
  4. Vultr Black Friday Deals
  5. GetResponse Black Friday Deals
  6. InterServer Black Friday Deals
  7. ConvertKit Black Friday Deals
  8. HostArmada Black Friday Deals
  9. DigitalOcean Black Friday Deals
  10. Grammarly Black Friday Deals
  11. SEMrush Black Friday Deals
  12. Shopify Black Friday Deals
  13. FastComet Black Friday Deals
  14. InMotion Blak Friday Deals
  15. Elementor Black Friday Deals

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    • GoDaddy is good if you want the only a domain. With Bluehost, you get a free domain with all web hosting plans.

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    • HI Alessia, Indeed, Black Friday is the best time to buy hosting. You get amazing products at an unbeatable prices.

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    • Yes Livic, Bluehost also provides you domain registration facility. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Bluehost VS GoDaddy Which one gives the best hosting service at a good price?

    • If you want standalone domains, go for GoDaddy. For hosting and domain combo, Bluehost is the best.

  5. Who will give us the best and cheapest service in this deal, HostGator vs Hostinger?

    • If you are looking for the cheapest option, go for Hostinger.

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    • Server-side malware scanning is done by all hosting companies. Keep your own backup to avoid any unforeseen event.

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