GreenGeeks Black Friday Deals 2021: Grab Exclusive 75% Off Deals

Your quest of getting discounts on GreenGeeks services brought you to the right page. As in this post, we are going to provide you all the GreenGeeks Black Friday deals of 2021 in a simplified way.

In the form of GreenGeeks Black Friday deals, you have got a golden opportunity to grab the maximum discount on its service which can be availed only once a year.

GreenGeeks Black Friday Deals

Summary Of GreenGeeks Black Friday Deals 2021

This Black Friday you can enjoy GreenGeeks hosting as low as $2.49 per month and a maximum discount of up to 75%.

What Will You Get In GreenGeeks Black Friday Deals?

Besides 75% discount, other offers are also available on the occasion of GreenGeeks Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday offers.

GreenGeeks provides offers on three kinds of hosting.

  • Web hosting starting from $2.49 per month.
  • WordPress hosting starting from $2.49 per month.
  • WooCommerce hosting starting from $2.49 per month.
  • Reseller hosting starting from $19.95 per month.

Savings During GreenGeeks Black Friday Deals 2021

As you have already got to know, that you can save up to 75% during Black Friday deals but still the regular price and price during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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GreenGeeks Regular Price Vs Black Friday Price

GreenGeeks has 3 plans under Web hosting, WordPress hosting, and WooCommerce hosting.

  1. Lite Plan
  2. Pro Plan
  3. Premium Plan
Plan NameRegular PriceBlack Friday PriceSavings
Lite$10.95 monthly$2.49 monthly$8.46
Pro$4.95 monthly$15.95 monthly$11
Premium$8.95 monthly$25.95 monthly$17

Under Reseller hosting, it has 3 different plans.

  1. RH-25
  2. RH-50
  3. RH-80
Plan NameRegular PriceBlack Friday PriceSavings
RH-25$29.95 monthly$19.95 monthly$10
RH-50$39.95 monthly$24.95 monthly$15
RH-80$59.95 monthly$34.95 monthly$25

How To Get GreenGeeks Black Friday Deals 2021?

To grab the GreenGeeks Black Friday deals follow the steps as guided below.

Step-1: Visit the official site of GreenGeeks by clicking here or directly go from the button below.

Step-2: Click on the hosting option from the top menu or scroll down your tab.

GreenGeeks hosting plans

Step-3: Choose the type of hosting you want to go with by clicking on the ‘see plans’ button

Suggestion: If you are a beginner who has a little knowledge about hostings and your business requires fewer features then do not go directly with Reseller and VPS hostings.

Step-4: Select your plans among the three based on the features and your requirements.

GreenGeeks web hosting pricing

Note: If you have any doubt about your requirements and selecting the plans always go with a cheaper plan as whenever you want you can upgrade it to a higher plan.

Step-5: Now here you will be asked to register either a new domain or an existing domain. During GreenGeeks Black Friday deals domain registration will be free.

GreenGeeks Domain Registration

Click on the ‘next’ button.

Step-6: Fill up your account information and credit card details then click on the ‘create account’ button.

The most important part of this step is selecting an account plan where you have to choose Ecosite Lite 50 – Triennially plan which is of 3 years period.

Warning: If you select a monthly plan, you won’t get any discount. All these deals are applicable only for a triennially (3 years) plan. You can still get a discount if you choose the yearly plan but you will save less on it.

Step-7: Now click on the ‘buy now’ button.

Congrats! You have saved more than $318 from this deal.

Quick Overview Of GreenGeeks

Do you know why it is named GreenGeeks? It is named so because GreenGeeks is the only hosting provider that plants a tree for every sold hosting account and works entirely on the green web hosting concept.

GreenGeeks was launched in the year 2008 and since then it has successfully managed to be one of the top hosting providers in the market.

Top Features Of GreenGeeks

Features that enhance the quality of GreenGeeks hosting and make it a leading hosting provider are being discussed here.

1. Super Uptime Of 99.9%

Your site must load and function every time a visitor comes. When the uptime of your hosting remains high your site is accessible easily and GreenGeeks keeps this in mind with 99.9% of uptime.

2. Any Time Customer Support

You will not be stuck, if you get any issues or technical problems with the services of GreenGeeks as customer support of GreenGeks is available 24/7 to help you.

You do not have to worry about the security of your website once you have bought hosting from GreenGeeks as they have an extremely secure environment that keeps away any malware.

3. Advanced Secure Management

4. Speed Focussed Technologies

LiteSpeed, LSCache, MariaDB, HTTP/2, PHP7, and free CDN are the tools that GreenGeeks used which results in faster speed of the site.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose GreenGeeks During Black Friday Deals

Let’s have a sight. Why do we insist you buy hostings during Black Friday instead of regular days?

1. Free Domain Registration

When you purchase hosting at the time of GreenGeeks Black Friday deals you get free domain registration worth more than $13 for one year.

2. Free SSL Certificates

The first and foremost thing for a visitor is his/her privacy at the time of visiting your site. Without SSL Certificate your site will be marked as unsafe and no one will visit.
That’s why almost all website owners purchase SSL certificates but in GreenGeeks it is given for free.

3. Free Unlimited Custom Email

Professional email brings more trust of customers with your brand. With GreenGeeks even the cheapest plan offers free up to 50 professional email accounts.

4. Money Back Guarantee

GreenGeeks gives 30 days of the money-back guarantee. If in this period the services and features do not meet your expectation. You can apply for cancellation of the plan and your money will be refunded.

5. Free Backups

Your backups of the site are crucial in case something happens or you lost your data by any mistake. Then the only step of recovery is backup. Most of the company charges for backup but here you have a free automatic daily backup.

Frequently Asked Questions About GreenGeeks Black Friday Deals

GreenGeeks Black Friday deals and its doubt will be solved by this FAQ.

1. Why choose GreenGeeks?

The first thing is cheaper and quality of plans. The second and the most crucial thing is GreenGeeks is 300% renewable web hosting.
That means the amount of energy your site withdraws from nature they return back 3 times of that energy.

2. Do GreenGeeks offer a free trial?

No. GreenGeeks never offer any free trial.

3. Do GreenGeeks have a money-back guarantee?

Yes. It has 30 days of a money-back guarantee.

4. When will be GreenGeeks Black Friday deals started?

GreenGeeks Black Friday deals will be live from 26 November 2021 and will continue up to Cyber Monday.

Conclusion Of GreenGeeks Black Friday 2021 Deals

GreenGeeks Black Friday deals will be live from the last Friday of November this year. So save our post in your bookmark list or subscribe to our newsletter to get updates in your mailbox.

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