How to Start A Blog in 2023: Learn & Create Money Blogging in 8 Steps

5 Techniques To Grow Your Blog Visitors 

Here we are going to talk about the best 5 techniques by which you can grow your blog visitors and increase the traffic on your website.

Step 1: Focusing On Long Phrases [Long Tail Keywords] 

The first technique is to work on your keyword. A keyword is like a query that is searched by the user on the search engines.

People search for two types of keywords: Short and Long. People who are going for a short keyword may get more traffic but they have to face more competition. 

So you must work on a long keyword that can help you in making your blog face less competition and rank easily to bring more visitors.     

Step 2: Email Outreach

Email outreach is a method by which you connect to people for various reasons. One of them may be to promote your blog. Email outreach is easy but demands money, time, and effort.

Email outreach is something in which you email to a targeted customer, your subscribers, and even clients. 

In this process, you create a loyal audience that visits your blog again and again by simply getting inspired from your email newsletters.

From this, you can convert your one-time visitor to a loyal and returning customer.

This is simple you send a link to someone, and he will click on that link which directly redirects to that page, and the page will get traffic.     

Step 3: Update Your Blog Through Comments

This is also the main part that gonna help you in increasing the traffic on your blog. 

Now you will think about how this comment section can help you in increasing your blog traffic. 

So, the people who are commenting on your blog, want to connect with you, and once you started giving preferences to those comments, you are building an audience for your blog that builds a relationship between you and your visitors.

There are so many useful comments you will find in the comments section by which you can create a network that ultimately helps in getting extra traffic.

Step 4: Socialization 

Being a blogger you must be socialized too. Whatever you are writing on your blog, you must share that on your social media that boosts your confidence and will help you in making other good blogs which will help you bring more visitors. 

  • You can post your blogs on Facebook also, which is a great source to bring the audience to your blog.
  • You must have an account on Twitter and you share your blogs over there. 
  • Actively participate in the discussion with your followers can lead to more discussion and brings more people into the discussion. 

Example: Let’s suppose you have posted a tweet and after that, some of your genuine followers retweet your tweet. This retweet not only helps in increasing traffic on your site but will help in search engine optimization too, by which Google can rank your page in its search result. 

  • Use hashtags on your blog and social media post, which helps in delivering your content to more visitors.

Step 5: The Site Should Be Responsive and Fast

Nowadays people are not just using older devices or we can say slow connection to access the internet.

User demand to access your site not only on desktop PC but even on mobile phones.

So, make your site should be responsive to take care of each and individual visitor of your website.

Speed is also a factor in promoting your site. If your site isn’t responding fast then maybe visitors will find some other site and they will switch out from your site, which will send bad feedback to Google and your site will not rank in a good position.

So make sure that your site should be responsive and fast so that users can easily access your site on any device.

Pro tip: Use plugins like Cachify to boost your speed.

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