9 Best SiteGround Alternatives 2022: Cheaper and Better Competitors

Are you disappointed with SiteGround? Well, we have listed below the best SiteGround Alternatives for all its products, like domain, shared, WP, and Cloud hosting plans.

SiteGround is a magnificent web hosting site that offers excellent performance and various WordPress-specific features. It is one of the highly recommended web hosting sites. But in June 2020 SiteGround increased its prices AGAIN. Earlier it increased its prices in 2018. So this back-to-back increase in price means that SiteGround is no longer the cheapest web host. 

This all is happening because Siteground has recently shifted all its infrastructure to Google Cloud and has launched its own custom hosting dashboard which means they are working hard to justify their prices.

This increase in price has affected some customers and therefore they all are finding some good alternatives to Siteground.

best siteground altranatives

So, here you guys are reading the correct blog post, as today I will discuss the best 9 alternatives of Siteground.  

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Bluehost is one of the best web hosting companies founded in 2003. It is collectively hosting well over 2 million domains and is one of the 20 largest web hosts. It is currently employing over 750 people.

Features Of Bluehost

  •   Beginner friendly and offers WordPress installer tools.
  •   Has its own customised c- panel.
  •   Provides a feature of dozens of site tools addons.
  •   Is a free site builder.
  •   Provides technology to support fast pages.
  •   Free SSL certificates.
  •   Updates the word press automatically.

Products Provided By Bluehost 

  •  Shared hosting: it is for the people who are new or are just getting started with websites or blogs. It is very easy to use and has a customer-friendly dashboard. It gives fully managed solutions.
  • Virtual private server (VPS): it is perfect for sites that are growing and need more power or control. It is great for moderate to high traffic. It provides all the on-demand resources. It also provides additional control.
  •  Dedicated hosting: it is best for sites with very high traffic. It provides the customer’s ultimate security and performance.


  •  Shared hosting is $8.99 to $25.99 per month.
  •  Virtual private server (VPS) is $29.99 to $119.99 per month.
  • Dedicated hosting is $39.99 to $129.99 per month.

PROS Of Bluehost

  • It is very easy to use.
  • You get a free domain name for the first year.
  • The shared hosting plans offer loads of storage.
  • The prices are quite affordable
  • It offers unmetered bandwidth which won’t limit the traffic you get on your website.
  • It offers unlimited resources and a buffet of benefits.  
  • The support center responds very quickly.
  • Security features provided by Bluehost are tremendous.

CONS Of Bluehost

  • They have only 1 data center location, that is USA.
  • The site doesn’t offer automatic off-site backups.

As compared to the cons we have more pros and one can definitely operate a Bluehost web hosting. After consulting my friend who has been a member of Bluehost I can assure you that you won’t regret this web hosting site.


Host armada is new in the field of web hosting. It was launched in the last quarter of 2019. Its headquarters are in Delaware, USA. It is a very fast-growing company that has its servers in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, India, Singapore and Australia. 

The website loads fast is easy to navigate and is entirely in English. Also, the website has a learning center. They provide a 24/7 support service so that you can get in touch with live chat, ticket, phone or email.

Features Of Hostarmada 

  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • Has a c-panel.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Provides daily backups.
  • Give us a free domain name.

Products Provided By Hostarmada 

  • Shared hosting: the benefit of using shared hosting is that there are a low number of clients per server.
  • VPS hosting: the benefit of using VPS hosting is that there is a full root level of access on demand.
  • Dedicated hosting: the technology is super fast and it will admire the users.


Hostarmada plans are reasonably priced. You can choose to be billed annually, biennially, or triennially. Also, they provide a 45 days money-back guarantee.

  • Shared hosting is $3.99 per month.
  • VPS hosting is $41.21 per month.
  • Dedicated hosting is $149.00 per month.

PROS Of Hostarmada 

  • 24/7 support service.
  • Free daily backup.
  • Free website migration.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Available at very affordable prices.
  • Provide free website optimization.
  • Provide us with free domain name registration/ transfer.
  • Free email service.

CONS Of Hostarmada

  • No monthly subscription for shared hosting plans.
  • Increased renewal rates for shared hosting plans.

After reading the reviews of people on Hostarmada on trust pilot I got to know that 99% of the people have rated it excellent. People are so happy to use this website. The services provided by them to their users are excellent. Even beginners find it way too easy to use the website.


It was founded in October 2002 by Brent Oxley. The company offers a variety of hosting services including managed WordPress hosting. Surprisingly with the low prices, unlimited storage, and bandwidth, Hostgator seems to be very tempting. 

The company has hosted more than 8 million domains and has more than 850 employees to support their customers round the clock. The support staff is available 24/7 via live chats, emails and telephones. 

Features Of Hostgator

  • Provides 150GB storage. 
  • Unlimited email addresses.
  • 24/7/365 support service. 
  • One site migrated for free. 
  • Included monthly price for global CND. 
  • 2 sites available. 

Product Provided By Hostgator 

  • Shared hosting: Hostgator is recommended for basic website blogs. It has unmetered bandwidth. It also has professional email hosting. It provides a one-click script install.  
  • Virtual private server (VPS): Hostgator is recommended for high traffic websites. It provides full root access. It also gives high-speed SSD storage. 
  • Dedicated hosting: Hostgator is recommended for high traffic websites and customs applications. It has high-performance servers. It has maximum control. 


  • Shared hosting is $2.75/month.
  • VPS hosting is $19.95/month.
  • Dedicated hosting is $89.98/month.

PROS Of Hostgator

  • Provides us plenty of storage. 
  • Flexible terms. 
  • Available in many programming languages. 
  • Unmetered bandwidth. 
  • 24/7/365 support is available. 
  • Available at reasonable prices. 

CONS Of Hostgator

  • No free backup. 
  • Missing advanced features. 
  • Tricky prices and fees. 

Your website will be safe being hosted at Hostgator. The speed is Okish as I have personally experienced it. Also, the uptime is not crazy bad, if you don’t have a super serious project. Even if Hostgator restricts the number of files that you can have, they are pretty generous with their storage, email, bandwidth, and database limitation. 


Starting in 2007, the main focus of the company was to make VPS hosting a resource that anyone including the students, developers, businesses, and large-scale teams can use to build amazing things on the web. The company claims that every website owner in the world can finally have their own cloud VPS, but no one can match their offers in any case. In the past 4 years, they have tried to develop everything even better.  

Feature Of Scalahosting

  • Provides excellent server speed. 
  • Very high reliability. 
  • Generous provision of resources. 
  • Automated backup- keeps 7 copies of your site. 
  • Free and effortless migration. 
  • 30 days money-back guarantee. 

Products Provided By Scalahosting

  • Shared hosting: it gives industry-leading performance and speed. It also gives free and effortless migration. It also provides a free SSL certificate for all websites. 
  • Virtual private server (VPS): they literally cover each and every plan in this. Considering it full management, free migration, free domain, sseild security protection etc. you can refer to the home page of their website. 
  • Dedicated hosting: the company provides excellent service of dedicated hosting. One can go through all the plans before selecting anything particular. 


  • In shared hosting the plans are starting from $3.95/month (mini), in which there are basic resources for 1 site to $5.95/month (start), in which there are more resources for multiple sites and finally to $9.95/month (advanced) with more space and power for complex websites. We recommend $9.95 on managed VPS with a 50% discount and optimal performance, security and stability. 
  • In VPS hosting the plans are starting from $9.95/month (start) with 1 CPU core, 2GB RAM, 20GB SSD to $21.95/month with 2 CPU core, 4GB RAM, 30GB SSD to $41.95/month with 4 CPU core, 6GB RAM, 50GB SSD and finally to $63.95/month with 6 CPU core, 8GB RAM AND 80GB SSD. 
  • Similarly in dedicated hosting the plans are starting from $3.95/month (mini), in which there are basic resources for 1 site to $5.95/month (start), in which there are more resources for multiple sites and finally to $9.95/month (advanced) with more space and power for complex websites. We recommend $9.95 on managed VPS with a 50% discount and optimal performance, security, and stability. 

PROS Of Scalahosting

  • Free domain name
  • 30 days cash back 
  • Award-winning 24/7 customer support service. 
  • Free site migration 
  • Availability of web security features. 
  • User friendly for beginners. 

CONS Of Scalahosting

  • Discount on longer billing only. 
  • No dedicated IP address. 

Yes! Scala hosting is good hosting in terms of website security. Considering the list of features, this hosting is a great fit if money isn’t an issue for you! By now you must have seen that there’s nothing really over-the-top about most of the Scalahosting plans. 

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5. WPX

WPX is a web host that is very easy to use. If you want to upgrade your website’s hosting provisions or start a new project off on the right track, then WPX hosting is a great option. Delivering fast-loading websites is exactly what WPX hosting was created to do. Launched in 2013, WPX changed its name in 2016 from traffic planet-hosting to WPX hosting. 

Feature Of WPX

  • Unlimited website migration 
  • Unlimited free SSL certificate
  • Manual backups and 28 days automatic backup 
  • 99.95% uptime guarantee. 
  • High-speed custom CND. 
  • 30 days money-back guarantee. 

Product Provided By WPX 

  • In shared hosting, they provide 10GB storage, 100GB bandwidth, and many more features.
  • In VPS  hosting they provide 20GB storage, 200GB bandwidth and many more features. 
  • In dedicated hosting, they provide 40GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, and many more features. 


  • Shared hosting prices are $24.99/month 
  • VPS hosting prices are $49.99/month 
  • Dedicated hosting prices are $99/month 


  • Build to handle traffic without sacrificing page load time
  • Fast and effective support 
  • Amazing prices in comparison to the other competitors 
  • Supports email
  • Easy to use interface 
  • Can support other content management system 
  • Scanning and cleanup 


  • No phone support 
  • The interface is lacking in features. 

After reading the review of people on WPX from Trustpilot I can summarise that 96% of the people loved working with the WPX web host company. They have given excellent ratings to it and of course, we can trust the words of Trustpilot. So if you want to go for WPX then yes you should go for it.


Godaddy is the world’s largest services platform for entrepreneurs around the globe. It is an American-based company literally flourishing its ways in India. As of June 2020, GoDaddy has more than 20 million customers and over 7000 employees worldwide. 

The company is known for its advertising on tv and in newspapers. The most recent brand ambassador of GoDaddy is MS. Dhoni. It has been involved in several controversies related to censorship. 

Features Of Godaddy

  • Manage it all in one place: Website? Social media? Ecommerce? Email marketing? All these things are there in one place. 
  • Mobile design and editing: no matter what device you’re using, your site will look great and you can edit on the go.
  • Customizable themes: play with 20+ theme filters to instantly change layouts, fonts and colours. 
  • Website hosting: ensure that your site runs smoothly and pages load quickly with fast reliable resources. 
  • Rapid page load performance: nothing’s worse than a slow-loading webpage. But their web page is very fast. 

Product Of Godaddy

  • In shared hosting 99.9% uptime promise and money-back guarantee. They provide free 24/7 service. For beginners, they provide free drag and drop page editors. They also provide temporary domain names. 
  • In VPS hosting they provide total control with full root access and optimal control panels. Also backups with uptime and performance monitoring. 
  • In dedicated hosting, they provide a money-back guarantee, a powerful and easy-to-use control panel option, root access, and SSD or HDD drives. 


  • In shared hosting, the prices begin from $2.04/month to $15.57/month. 
  • In VPS hosting the prices begin from $5.99/month to $72.43/month 
  • In dedicated hosting, the prices begin from $120.81/month to 278.82/month.

It depends upon the user to choose the plan wisely and use it correctly. Godaddy provides a range of every kind. 

PROS Of Godaddy

  • Organize simple domain 
  • Simple interface 
  • Proper customer service. 
  • Easy to use and inexpensive to set up 
  • A reliable with fast loading times. 
  • Keep domain all in one place 
  • Well priced domain 
  • A small business solution. 

CONS Of Godaddy:

  • Website designer 
  • Integration with website design site 
  • The back-end server is a bit complicated. 

Godaddy has always been one of the best web hosting companies. Maxing Indians use it and they review it as one of the best websites. The services provided by them are just perfect. They vary in their prices and provide the best of their services. We all know that it is a small business solution and people are just enjoying it. 


Greengeeks was founded in 2008 by Trey Gardener, and they’ve now shot up to hosting over 300,000 websites with their data centers in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands. This company takes pride in being eco-friendly while delivering robust hosting services at an affordable price.  

Features Of Greengeeks

  • 30 days money-back guarantee. 
  • Resource-rich help center. 
  • Free nightly backup.
  • Free domain 
  • Eco-friendly web hosting solution. 

Products Of Greengeeks

  • Every shared hosting plan comes with the following features: c panel site management, daily backups, dedicated IP, drag and drop site iPad builder, email accounts, free domain name for the first year, limitless web space and data transfer, shopping cart installation, and many more. 
  • VPS hosting is useful if you need added security and privacy. The VPS plans at GreenGeeks are great from a value standpoint. You get a lot of storage and bandwidth for a low cost. 
  • Dedicated hosting servers have stronger security features and better performance. At GreenGeeks dedicated hosting is pricey. However, if you need dedicated hosting and you’re committed to sustainability, the higher price tag may be an acceptable trade-off. 


  • Shared hosting plans begin from $2.95/month to $11.95/month 
  • VPS hosting plans begin from $5/month to $80/month 
  • Dedicated hosting plans begin from $169/month to $439/month 

PROS Of Greengeeks

  • Solid uptime performance 
  • Good page loading time 
  • Good support with quick answers 
  • The free domain name and website migration 
  • Environment friendly 
  • 30 days money-back guarantee 
  • Nightly backups 
  • Multiple high-quality server locations
  • Free CDN 

CONS Of Greengeeks

  • Questionable refund policy 
  • No 24/7 support service. 

If you are a go green support then you should definitely go with this site. Also, they provide amazing features. Also, it is very trustworthy. So yes one can definitely go for it. 


Dreamhost is a worthy contender that offers user-friendly features and a choice of affordable plans. It comes with an industry-leading 97-day money-back guarantee and automatic word press update for extra peace of mind. 


  • Unlimited websites 
  • Free domain included
  • Unlimited traffic 
  • Unmetered bandwidth 
  • Fast SSD storage 
  • WordPress pre-installed 
  • Free SSL certificate 
  • Unlimited emails


  • Shared hosting is by far the most popular product that dream host offers to its users 
  • VPS is another common hosting option that DreamHost manages and monitors very well. With performance and security updates, your website will be safest with the wide variety of tools and features of VPS at DreamHost. 
  •  All the fast web servers work to run the applications in dedicated hosting and a 100% uptime guarantee. 


  • Shared hosting starts from $2.59/month to $3.95/month. 
  • VPS hosting starts from $10.00/month to $80.00/month. 
  • Dedicated hosting starts from $149.00/month to $279.00/month. 

PROS Of Dreamhost

  • Customer service is the industry best. 
  • The dashboard is extremely easy. 
  • Website speed is good 
  • Great backup feature
  • It’s affordable.
  • Flexibility to configure our websites and domains. 

CONS Of Dreamhost

  • User management is easier to understand. 
  • Should find better ways to track hosting performance. 

I have spent quite a long time understanding these websites and have read almost 1000+ people’s views on the different websites but when it comes to DreamHost then I can very confidently say that this is a fantastic option.

Overall, DreamHost is an excellent web hosting service option for most website owners looking for high performance and quick adaptation at an affordable price. 


Fastcomet is a relatively new hosting company that offers a wide range of hosting services. Official records say that the company started its business as a system administration service provider and expanded into a web hosting business in 2013.


  • Cpanel hosting 
  • 24/7 support and access to step by step tutorials.
  • 45 days money-back guarantee 
  • Drag and drop site builder. 
  • Free domain transfer.
  • Site transfer 
  • Fixed renewal fee.


  • Traffic is limited on shared hosting plans, but you are allowed a high number of visitors each month. You get free domain transfer, custom optimised, and server setup and much more. 
  • VPS hosting comes in 4 plans. You get more SSD speed, bandwidth, and monthly visitors than with shared hosting.
  • Dedicated hosting provides advanced power, flexibility and performance on a budget. 


  • Shared hosting is $3.95/month.
  • VPS hosting is $5.95/month.
  • Dedicated hosting is $7.95/month. 

PROS Of Fastcomet

  • 45 days money back 
  • SSD hosting: site loads 300% faster 
  • Free site migration 
  • Free daily and weekly backups 
  • Free SSL certificate 

CONS Of Fastcomet

  • Broke its price lock guarantee.
  • Does not offer dedicated IP addresses to shared hosting users. 
  • Only 7 days free trial to VPS cloud users. 

Just a simple question- do we recommend Fastcomet? YES. Well, Fastcomet blew us away with several factors. They have delivered solid uptime and speed results and their customer service is fast and knowledgeable. Moreover, their plans are packed with handy features and there are several data centers to choose from. Even though there are some drawbacks, they are still good enough to get our recommendation. 

Conclusion: SiteGround Alternatives 

Coming back to the question we begin with “which is the best Siteground alternative?“.

Considering all the factors of the different web hosting sites mentioned above it really depends upon the user which other alternative he wants to go for. 

If not sure where to start from, Bluehost is our best pick, as it comes closest to the Siteground in terms of customer satisfaction, and offers plenty of WordPress-specific features at a low price. However, you can’t go wrong with any of the companies which are mentioned in this post. 

On the other hand if speed performance and service quality are most important to you, then you might choose Hostarmada, Scalahosting, and WPX. Fastcomet is fit for users with a limited budget who want an excellent feature list.

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