10 Best SpeedWrite Alternatives & Competitors (One Free) For 2024

Speedwrite is a tool, that lets you generate new articles with already existing content. It rewrites them differently in unique ways. 

While that may seem amazing on paper, in reality, there are many issues writers are facing with Speedwrite, sometimes it changes the whole meaning and emotions of the content and you are also not assured whether the generated content is error and plagiarism-free.

speedwrite alternatives

So today we have brought handpicked Speedwrite alternatives (AI tools) that will make your work easier and are affordable.

What is Speedwrite?

Speedwrite is an automatic rewrite tool that can rewrite your content from an existing text in unique ways. It rewrites and produces content with the latest updates, facts, and points. 

You can use Speedwrite to predict new content based on that source and generate any type of content.

Best Speedwrite Alternatives 

Speedwrite is a writing or content generation tool that promises big but doesn’t quite live up to expectations to create content or blogs for a writer.

Speedwrite proved to be less productive compared to other AI tools in our testing. 

It also doesn’t offer you any type of trial, or free plans, not even a refund policy.

We would say that it is useful for creating basic or small content but not for generating effective and long-form content meant for professional use.

Know more AI Alternatives with Best AI tools & content Generation Software.

We have dug out the best AI writers for you that you can use in place of Speedwriter.  

1. RytrAI (Free Speedwrite Alternative)

speedwrite alternative rytr ai tool

RytrAI is an Automated Artificial intelligence-based writing assistant and content generation tool.

With the Rytr tool, you can generate well-managed and formatted content that is free of spelling & grammatical errors.

You can generate all kinds of emails, content, stories, YouTube introductions & descriptions, social media ads, reviews & testimonials, profile bios, blogs, Facebook ads, product descriptions, interview questions & answers, and stories & frictions with their plots.  

Rytr used GPT-3 technology, to write and generate all kinds of content. 

  • Plans

Rytr AI provides three plans:

rytr plans and pricing
  • Free Plan: 

You are allowed to generate 5K characters, and these are enough for a beginner and small writer who writes 500 words a day. 

Rytr is the only free alternative of Speedwrite that offers 5k characters per month.

The Free Plan is available free for life, you don’t have to pay to use the free plan. 

You get-

  • 30+ use cases. 
  • Access to 30+ languages
  • Accesses 20+ tones. 
  • Plagiarism checker 
  • Premium Community Access
  • Saver Plan:

You are allowed to generate 50K characters per month with the Saver Plan.

You get all the features of the free plan with the extra benefit to Access to create your own customizable use case.

This plan provides you with two payment modes- Yearly billed and Monthly billed modes.

  • Saver Monthly Billed Mode: In this, you have to pay monthly the amount of $9/m & it costs you $108 yearly.
  • Saver Annually Billed Mode: You have to pay once the amount of $90 yearly and it costs you $7.5 per month.
Monthly Yearly 
Saver Monthly Billed Mode$9/m$108 yearly.
Saver Annually Billed Mode$7.5/m $90 yearly

There is no difference in the features with both billed modes but you have to pay less with the annual mode and also get up to two months of free service, with a 10-month payment.

  • Unlimited Plan:

An unlimited plan allows you to generate unlimited characters per month. 

The unlimited plan also provides you with two billing modes:

  • Unlimited Plan Monthly billed mode: In monthly billed mode you have to pay per month the amount of $29/ mo, which costs you $348 yearly.
  • Unlimited Plan Yearly billed mode: Here you have to pay once in a year the amount of $290, and that costs you $24.16/mo.
Monthly Yearly 
Unlimited Monthly Billed Mode$29/ m$348 yearly.
Unlimited  Annually Billed Mode$24.16/m $290 yearly

In both unlimited plan modes, you will get the same features and benefits mentioned there. There are no variations in anything other than pricing, as you can see above. 

But you are getting two months free with an Unlimited yearly billed payment mode.

  • Features 

Rytr AI is a single platform with multiple benefits, that provides you with the features of multiple content generation tools & software.

You can generate content, rephrase, improve, expand, or shorten, and also works as a plagiarism checker tool.

With rytr AI you can do it all in a single window and template.

We have created a list of important features that make Rytr one of the best AI tools.

  • With the Rytr AI tool, you can save lots of time Money, and human power. 
  • Get multiple beneficial features like Languages, use cases- more than 30, and templates for every type of article and content generation. 
  • As it provides writing in so many languages, you can also take clients from any corner of the world. 
  • Use 20+ tones, of voice. 
  • Provides you copywriting formulas- AIDA & PAS. And commands like expand, shorten, rephrase, improve, paragraph, expand, and append. 
  • Get unique and original content, and can check that with a built-in plagiarism checker. 
  • Rytr also allows you to cover multiple projects by providing flawless collaboration, and team binding with project management features. By creating multiple user accounts to join your team. 
  • Rytr also provides you a browser extension, you can simply add this to your browser and use it easily. Whether you are working on an email, creating big and small content, posts, or blogs.
  • SEO analyzer, a fast, reliable, and mobile-friendly interface.

Try out RytrAI’s free trial with coupon codes and the latest features.

2. Jasper AI

speedwrite alternative jasper ai tool

Jarvis or Jasper is proven to be one of the best AI writing tools, you can generate long-form as well as short-form content here. 

Jasper uses GPT-3 technology, to generate all kinds of content.

Know about Jasper in detail with JasperAI review.
  • Plans

Jasper or Jarvis AI comes up with two plans:

  • Creator Plan:

A starter plan is introduced for writing small content & copy like headlines, posts, captions tweets, and small product descriptions.

You get: 

  • 50+ AI copywriting skills.
  • Content search, with auto-save option. 
  • 1 brand voice
  • 1 seat

The Creator plan provides you with two billing modes:

  • Creator Monthly Billing Mode: You can pay $49/m or $588/ year
  • Creator Annually Billing Mode: This payment mode allows you to pay once the amount of $468, which costs you $39/mo, it is a 20% discount.
Monthly Yearly 
Creator Monthly Billed Mode$49/m$588 yearly
Creator Annually Billed Mode$39/m $468 yearly
  • Pro Plan

The Pro plan is suitable for writing long-form articles and content like blog posts, reports, emails, stories, and friction. 

You get:

  • Blog post and big post creation. 
  • The pro plan also allows you to use Jasper commands.
  • 3 brand voices
  • includes 1 seat (you can add up to 5)

Boss mode also allows you to pay in two billing modes:

  • Pro plan monthly billed mode: You have to pay monthly the amount of $69/mo which will cost you $828 yearly.
  • Pro plan annually billed mode: You have to pay once the amount of $708 yearly which will cost you $59/ mo.
Monthly Yearly 
Boss Monthly Billed Mode$69/ m$828 yearly
Boss Annually Billed Mode$59/ m$708 yearly

Whether you are paying in yearly billed mode or monthly billed mode you get the same features with both payment modes. 

The benefit you are getting is with yearly billed mode, a two-month free subscription, which means pay for 10 months and use for a whole year.

  • Features 

Jasper has so many features. It also makes your content creation 5x times more and increases the abundance of content with quality.

Let’s have a look at Jasper’s Important features. 

  • Easily creates long-form and short-form articles, like blogs, essays, posts, product descriptions, novels, and books. 
  • As it is affordable, so beginners, freelancers, or small company owners can avoid hiring people and save lots of money & time by using this tool. 
  • You can generate blog posts, emails, YouTube video descriptions & intros, sales copy, Facebook ads, & production descriptions, frameworks, plots and books, and novels. 
  • You just need to give your keyword, and title and it will automatically generate content by AI with originality and quality. 
  • It helps you to observe and get the headings, features, script, and web content, with its amazing writing features.
  • Less creative people can get extra benefits from using this tool.

Try Jasper AI free trial, and get approx 1000 words as a trial.

3. Shortly AI

speedwrite alternative shortly ai tool

ShortlyAI is an AI writing assistant to make your content writing easy. You can generate any type of content. Give your freedom to give lives to your ideas and imaginations. 
Shortly, generate well-managed and formatted content that is free of spelling & grammatical errors.

  • Plans

ShortlyAI comes up with two plans:

  • Annual Plan:

This plan is billed annually, you have to pay the amount of $780 yearly, and it costs you $65/month. 

  • Monthly Plan:

This plan is billed monthly, you have to pay the amount of $79/month and it costs you $948 yearly

PlansMonthly Yearly 
Monthly Plan$79 /month$948 yearly
Annual Plan$65 /month$780 yearly

With each billed mode, you get:

  • ShortlyAI provides you with its powerful commands.
  • Improve your writing, observation, and ideas. 
  • You get continuous and daily updates with every use.

The annual plan provides a two-month free subscription with all the commands and tools.

  • Features :

Shortly AI generates high-quality content in less than one minute. Give your title and description to get unique and quality content.

  • Delivers unique and high-quality content with any type of topic every time you command it to generate for you. 
  • Shortly provides you with continuous and latest updates with every use. 
  • Filter your writing with Shorty’s powerful commands. Use commands to /expand, /rewrite, and / shorten your text instantly. 
  • You can write novels, books, blogs, articles, headlines, and social media captions & posts with product & catalog descriptions

If you want to try starting with ShortlyAI then go for ShortlyAI Free Trial. Observe and know it deeply.

4. Wordtune

speedwrite alternative wordtune ai tool

With Wordtune turn your thoughts and ideas into well-managed clear, compelling & authentic writing, with Ai writing technology.

  • Plans

Wordtune has 3 plans:

  • Free Plan:

The free plan offers the basics of writing to transform your writing to the next level. 

The free plan is a free lifetime.

  • Plus Plan:

Plus plans cost you $299.88 yearly and you have to pay the amount of $24.99 per month.

With a yearly plan, you have to pay the amount of $119.88 yearly which costs you $9.99/mo

Monthly mode Yearly mode 
Plus plan(billed) $24.99/m$9.99/m
  • Business

If you are running a big company and you have a team or you are a part of a team then you should go for a Premium plan for the team. 

For taking this subscription you have to contact to Wordtune team. And tell them about your team, company, and job title.

  • Features :

With Wordtune apply powerful commands and make your writing attractive. 

  • Rephrase each and every sentence in different ways.
  • Provide multiple formal & casual tones, choose the right that matches your title and subject. 
  • Shorten and expand your written text according to your format and outline. 
  • Get premium support services. 
  •  You also get a premium plan for your team.

5. Copy AI

speedwrite alternative copy ai tool

CopyAI is an automatic creativity tool, with this you can generate marketing copy in seconds. Try with the free plan without giving any credit card details. 

It generates and gives your result in just three steps:

  • Choose your template or use case according to the type of your content. 
  •  Give a small description of your requirements and, 
  • Finally, get the result. Edit it and make it a fully finished product. 
  • Plans:

Copy AI tool delivers three plans:

  • Free Plan:

This plan is perfect for testing and observation. As you don’t have to spend a single penny on it. 

You get:

  • 10 credits/m
  • 100 bonus credits for the first month
  • 25+ languages
  • 90+ copywriting tools

You don’t have to fill up your credit card details to get the free plan. 

  • Pro Plan:

Pro plan is suitable for small businesses and individuals.

Monthly Yearly 
Pro Plan ( billed) $ 49 /mo$ 420 yearly
$ 588 yearly $ 35/mo

You get:

  • Unlimited credits and projects. 
  • 25+ languages. 
  • 90+ copywriting tools.
  • Priority support
  • Access to newest features.
  • Premium community.
  • Team Plan:

This plan is perfect for big organizations and large companies.

You get: All pro plan features with an extra collaboration feature with a team plan. 

For purchasing this plan you need to contact to Copy.ai team

  • Features :

Features of CopyAI:

  • You can create digital ad copies like- Facebook, Google, and Linkedin ads. 
  • Social media content- captions, Instagram posts, and brainstorm topics.
  • You can generate website copies-  hero text, subheaders, meat descriptions.
  • Generates eCommerce copy- product description, product benefits, microcopy. 
  • Write blog content- titles, ideas, intros, and bullet points. 
  • Write Sales copy- pain agitates solution, before after bridge, and attention interest desire action. 

6. Text Blaze

An AI text generator tool that eliminates typing mistakes and redundancy of content.

  • Plans:

Come up with 4 plans.

  • Basic Plan:

Free plan for testing this tool. 

You get:

  • 20 snipped
  • Upto 2500 characters in s snipped. 
  • Limited snipped sharing
  • Trial forms support. 
  • Pro Plan:

This plan is suitable for individuals and consultants.

This plan costs you $2.99per month and is billed yearly mode.

You get:

  • Getty upto 1000 snipped
  • 25K characters 
  • Double snipped sharing 
  • Full forms support
  • Can add Images in snipped.
  • Business Plan:

This plan is best for small businesses and teams. 

This costs you $6.99 / month and is billed according to the number of users per month.

You get:

  • 4K snipped.
  • 50 K characters 
  • Unlimited snipped sharing
  • Full form support. 
  • Images in snippets
  • Managed multi-user billing
  • Snippet change history
  • Last editor notifications for snippets
  • Create teams with shared folders
  • Consolidated organization usage statistics
  • Organization-wide access controls
  • Enterprise Plan:

This plan is suitable for big companies and large organizations.

For its pricing, you have to contact their team. 

You get everything in a business plan with advanced billing options,event-level action data, high touch support, User training, Implementation consulting, and dedicated feature work. 

Plans Pricing
Pro $ 2.99
Business$ 6.99
  • Feature :

Features of Text Blaze:

  • You get a browser extension with Text blaze.
  • Easy to use dynamic templates.
  • Endless customized and powerful automation. 
  • Speed up your work and with the extension, you can use it on any application and webpage. 
  • Once you’ve created your snippets, share them with your colleagues. They’ll immediately update with any improvements you make and you can even edit them together.
  • This tool is useful for individuals and can also distributed among a big team.

7. Article Forge

speedwrite alternative article forge ai tool

It is an AI-based writing and content generation tool. It uses Artificial intelligence to perform all the tasks, like analysis, scanning the topics, and regenerating that content uniquely. 

It is a single Ai-based system for making a huge quantity of good content just in 60 seconds.

  • Plans:

Article Forge provides two plans-

  • Standard Plan:

The standard plan provides you 250K words per month with two billing options monthly and yearly. 

  • Unlimited Plan:

The unlimited plan provides you unlimited words per month with two billing modes monthly & yearly.

Unlimited Plan Standard Plan
Monthly billed $117 / mo
costs $1404 yearly
$ 57/ mo
cost $684 yearly
Yearly billed $57/ mo
Pay $684 yearly 
$27/ mo
pay $324 yearly 

Each plan with both the billing modes offers you several benefits like:

  • Powerful tools and writer fully automatic based on Artificial Intelligence.
  • Original and plagiarism-free content that you can check with Copyscape.
  • You get bulk article generations
  • Automatically blog posts with API access.
  • Features:

Some features of Article Forge:

  • It provides you unique and plagiarism free content with 100% originality. 
  • It is an AI tool, it observes and generates relevant blog content in less time. 
  • It saves lots of time and money.
  • You can generate long-form content and long tail content. 
  • .This tool automatically adds relevant titles, headings, videos, images, and links to make your blog more useful and informative.
  • It allows you to write in seven foreign languages.

8. Copysmith AI

speedwrite alternative copysmith ai tool

Copysmith AI empowers marketers, creative agencies, and eCommerce teams to generate, collaborate and deliver high-quality content. 

  • Plans:

It provides three plans.

  • Starter Plan:

This plan is for individuals and beginners. 

You get:

  • 50 credits/month.
  • 20 plagiarism checks/mo.

Started from 19/mo.

  • Professional Plan:

This plan is for professionals to create high-quality and powerful content. 

You get:

  • 400 credits/mo
  • 100 plagiarism checks /month 

Started from $ 59 / mo

  • Enterprise Plan:

This plan is for small and large team collaborations for group projects. 

You get:

  • Unlimited credits /mo
  • Unlimited plagiarism checker/mo. 

Contact to Copysmith team for purchasing the Enterprise plan.

Starter Plan$ 19 /mo
Professional plan$ 59/mo
  • Features:

Get multiple templates for every type of content –

  • Ads– Facebook ads, google ads, Instagram ads, Product descriptions, Linkedin profiles, Amazon product descriptions, and other social media and online shopping apps product and business descriptions.
  • Assistant for article writing, blog ideas, blog outline, blog post, and also the descriptions and reviews.
  • Branding, brainstorming, landing pages, headlines, ideas, and captions.

This is an AI tool that is built to support marketers in launching campaigns faster and delivering accurate results.

9. Peppertype.AI

speedwrite alternative peppertype ai tool

Peppertype.ai is an instant AI-based content generator platform, that generates high-quality content, especially for businesses.

  • Plans:

Provides three plans:

  • Starter Plan:

For individuals, entrepreneurs, freelancers & small teams.

  • Growth Plan:

For professionals, marketing teams, agencies, and startups.

Starter Plan and Growth Plan generate the content whatever you want them to generate and services they provide for creating blogs, SEO, Social media posts, Youtube descriptions, Amazon product descriptions, headlines, Brand and product descriptions, Copywriting features, and PRoduct review generator.

PlanMonthly Yearly 
Starter plan$ 35/m$ 25/m
Growth plan $ 199/m$ 165/m
  • Enterprise Plan:

For marketplaces, aggregators, and enterprises.

To take a subscription to this plan you need to contact the peppertype team.

  • Features:

Features of Peppertype.AI:

  • Considered as best AI content writing tool that supports-
    • Enterprise marketing
    • Individual Content
    • Performance Marketing
    • Brand Marketing
    • Digital Marketing &PR
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Marketing Communication
  • Add multiple team members by staying on the same plan.
  • Active and quick customer support.

10. CloserCopy

speedwrite alternative closerscopy ai tool

ClosersCopy is an AI automated writing tool and copywriting automated assistant, that creates a good quality of content and blog.

ClosersCopy improves your writing by giving writing suggestions and highlighting the spelling and grammar mistakes.

  • Plans:

It provides you with three plans.

  • Starter Plan:

Get 45K words and 75 runs/m.

  • Professional Plan:

120K words and 200 runs/m.

  • Unlimited Plan:

Unlimited words and unlimited runs per month.

StarterProfessional Unlimited 
Monthly (billed monthly) $ 29.99/m$ 49.99/m$ 79.99/m
$ 359.88 yearly $ 599.88 yearly $ 959.88 yearly 
Yearly $ 251.92 yearly $419.92 yearly $ 671.92 yearly 
$ 20.99 /m$ 34.99/m$ 55.99/m
  • Features:

Features provided by ClosersCopy:

  • Write sales pages, small and big articles, without any limits, filters, and restrictions.
  • It allows you to use 250+ marketing frameworks, text boxes and write according to your content type as ads, outlines social media posts, blogs and descriptions, and many more things.
  • You get the finished product delivers on time.
  • Get well Researched and completed content with good speed and updates.
  • You get easy drag and drop pre-designed templates and frameworks.

You also get ClosersCopy Lifetime deals, pay once, and take the benefits for a lifetime.

Why do we Need Speedwrite Alternatives?

 There are multiple reasons for using the speedwrite alternative.

Today, there are AI tools that generate quality content and give you results in just a click of a second. AI tools are replacing rewriting tools as these tools are superior in every way to rewriting tools.

  • First of all, this is a rewriter tool and doesn’t give you assurance about creating effective and attractive content as per your need.
  • Speedwrite tool uses input text from Wikipedia, you need to copy whatever topic you want in the Speedwrite system and it will rewrite it in your own words.
  • Whereas, AI writing tools generate content and write any type of text just by entering your keyword and title.
  • This tool does not assure you of the originality of your content and does not give you any guarantee that your content will be free from plagiarism. As with AI tools you get surely error-free and plagiarism-free content.
  • There is no money back policy, if you cancel your plan in half a month or even after an hour of applying you will no longer be charged, but you won’t get any money back or refund.
  • It fails to write a descriptive title and title for your content and it cannot generate posts, Facebook ads, product descriptions, captions, posts, stories, and poems, as this content needs a customized tone and description. Both are not allowed to be customized options.

AI tools prove to be better in every way as compared to Speedwrite tools, maybe you have got your question reassured why you need to use Speedwrite alternatives.

Pros & Cons on Speedwrite Alternatives

Let’s have an eye on the advantages and disadvantages of Speedwrite.

  • Advantages:
  • It chooses the right source, to predict your needs according to your requirements.
  • Speedwrite will maintain the correctness of facts in the source text. You can even create long paragraphs with a single para. 
  • Easily export a text file or copy your entire document to the clipboard. This tool doesn’t have any export limits, which means you can export unlimited files. 
  • Speedwriter checks and provides you with real and latest facts.Speedwords easily can be operated on any computer system. You can use it on Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook.
  • Disadvantages:
  • For generating good content you have to give a copied article or type a long content article description of about 5 paragraphs to predict your requirement. 
  • You can get lots of errors in its written content after generation.
  • It fails to observe your tone of writing and fails to differentiate the type of content you want.
  • You have to take the paid plan instantly, as in between generating an article your free predictions can be over without any alert.
  • It’s your responsibility to check for, and fix, these errors, before exporting your predictions from Speedwrite.

FAQs on Speedwrite Competitors

Can use SpeedWrite for free?

No, you can’t use Speedwrite for free, you get 3-free predictions as you run out of them, you have to take its paid subscriptions.

Will I get my money back after canceling before the finished time?

No, it does not provide any money-back policy or It doesn’t claim to give any money back.

Final Words: How To Replace SpeedWrite In 2024

This article contains the Speedwrite tool’s AI alternatives. Speedwrite mostly works like a rewriting tool so basically, it sometimes fails to full fill the writer’s requirements

So to solve this we have mentioned here the top 10 Speedwrite’s AI alternatives. With their pricing and features.

This will help you to figure out which tool is suitable and reliable according to your requirement. We have also mentioned to you why you should use these AI alternatives and proved our point-of-view.

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