7 Best Web Hosting in Nepal For WordPress [Fast and Affordable] – 2024

Are you from Nepal and looking for a reliable web hosting solution? That’s good news because this article will help you to choose the top & best web hosting in Nepal to launch a WordPress website or blog

Selecting one option from a pool of great-performing web hosting providers can be quite challenging, you needn’t worry though, we have got you covered.

Though there are many hosting services out there, only some of them offer their web hosting services in Nepal that actively offer high uptime and performance

We have done intense research on local hosting providers for Nepal, as well as international web hosting providers that offer their affordable services in Nepal.

In this article, we will examine all the features and advantages of these web hosting companies so you can simply pick the right one for you instead of researching them.

Let’s dig in.

BottomLine: Summary of Best Hosting Providers in Nepal With Current Pricing –

Web Hosting Plan NamePriceDirect Link
HostensShared$1.00/moVisit the site
InterserverStandard$2.50/moVisit the site
iPageWeb hosting$1.99/moVisit the site
MileswebEconomy$0.70/moVisit the site
HostPapaStarter$2.95/moVisit the site
GoDaddyStarter$4.99/moVisit the site
HostGatorHatchling$3.75/moVisit the site


hostens for nepal

We all know Hostens for its cute hamster icon. But it can provide many more things apart from that. This European company started its working in 2003 and has more than 100000 customers which is quite a deal for such a fresh company. 

This is one of the cheapest WordPress hosting options for Nepal that provides amazing service and multiple data centers.

Salient Features That Hostens Provides 

Now let’s see some features that make this web hosting worthy of this list:

  1. They provide free domains for which most of the companies charge exceptionally. When you subscribe to the annual plan. 
  2. Unlike many web hosting companies which are limited to just live chat, Hostens provide customer support over social networks, email, live chat, and ticketing systems. They are available 24/7 to clear your issues. 
  3. They provide you access to features like a professional mail filter and DNS. 
  4. Along with the free domain, they also provide a LetsEncrypt SSL certificate.
  5. The cloud infrastructure is a big play even being on the basic plan you can enjoy the premium service of the cloud. 

Reasons To Choose Hostens

Before you pick any web hosting there has to be some strong reason to pick them, like the following mentioned things.

No hidden factors

Hostens ensures its customers and users that they can feel free to go with any plan because they won’t face any hidden cost or condition that will shock them later. They bring transparency to win their trust. 

User friendly

They have a good knowledge base and guide that helps anyone understand it better. Even deciding between the pricing and plans doesn’t require much effort and is simple. 


You get daily and weekly backups at Hostens without any additional cost. 

Affordable pricing

They have a very cheap and affordable plan. Especially the basic plan which fits right into a beginner’s pocket. 

Pricing And Plans

You can find quite affordable plans at Hostens for all the hosting. Below we have discussed all the base plans of various hosting servers:

Shared hosting – It starts at $1.00/month and is perfect for a beginner. 

VPS hosting – VPS hosting starts at $2.50/month and is ideal for a new business. 

Dedicated hosting – It starts at $49.99/month and can be considered good for a growing business.


Shared hosting by Interserver for Nepal

The affordable web hosting with an abundance of features is Interserver for you. Since 1999 this American hosting company has been thriving under Mike Lavrik and John Qualegiri. With a decade of experience, they are providing some really good results. 

Salient Features That InterServer Provides 

Is Interserver the best hosting in Nepal?

Let’s discuss the features that make this web hosting worthy of our list:

  1. Customer support is a significant topic which they have worked on. Live chat, Facebook chat, email, and phone service all in one hosting provider’s service makes them significant.
  2. The money-back guarantee for 30 days is amazing which means you can simply try and get a refund for their plan in case you don’t like it. 
  3. If you are someone who prioritizes uptime and performance then you should be relieved because here you will get 99.99% of Uptime. 

Reasons To Choose InterServer

In this section we will see some of the best justifications that bring it into your consideration:

No industry pricing trick

You might have observed that many web hosting companies follow the industry-standard pricing trick in which they increase the plan’s rate during renewal. Well, Interserver does not involve itself in it. 

Bandwidth and Storage are unlimited.

Affordable plans

For someone who is just beginning their career, you can happily get yourself subscribed because they offer quite cheap plans without any compromise in list features. 

Pricing And Plans

The base plan. Various hosting servers at Interserver are mentioned in brief below:

Standard Shared – The most affordable plan starts at $2.50/month. 

ASP.NET – This plan begins its pricing at $8.00/month.

Dedicated – For growing businesses the dedicated plan starts at $73.00/month.


ipage provides cheapest hosting for wordpress in Nepal

iPage the Arizona-based company is a web hosting provider which specializes in small business plans. They started the company in 1999 under the genius of Tomas Gorny. They are known to provide some really all-rounder plans at low prices which excites many beginners to join the community. 

Salient Features That IPage Provides

No matter how big a name the company has, we are always going to judge it by its features. In this section we will see some of the significant features:

  1. You get to build a website on iPage with the help of the website builder. 
  2. You can install some of the most useful and popular apps with just a single click. This makes the task easier. 
  3. You can get as many domain names as you require. There are no limitations to that.  
  4. You also receive unlimited storage and websites as well. All these unlimited facilities give you a great experience at their web hosting service. 
  5. They check the malware and span to keep your site protected. 

Reasons To Choose Ipage

Now is the time to find some good reasons from which you will select this web hosting:

Affordable plans

iPage provides its customers with some of the most affordable plans with many features. You get many unlimited and free services at the cheapest plans as well which is rare for many web hosting. 

Domain for no cost

Yes, you heard it right they provide a free domain without any additional costs. You can avail of this offer if you get the annual plan. 

SSL Certificate

Along with the free domain, you also get an SSL certificate for free in all its plans. 

Pricing And Plans

Here we have mentioned the base plans of various server hosting:

Web hosting – the basic plan for web hosting which is one of the cheapest plans starts at $1.99/month.

WP Starter – For an aspiring blogger this might be the deal they have been searching for, the WordPress starter plan is $3.75/month.

Business plan – The growing business will benefit from this plan which costs $6.99/month.

If you are new to blogging, learn about the personal blogs here.


MIlesweb is a promising WordPress hosting in Nepal that gives its users the perk of getting premium and unlimited features at a limited cost. It started in 2012 but already has made a place for itself in the market. 

Salient Features That MilesWeb Provides 

In this section, we will find out the features due to which it is ranked in our list of the best web hosting companies in Nepal.

  • Uptime is something that has every web developer or blogger’s attention. Its worth is now known to everyone. Milesweb provides an uptime of 99.99%.
  • Getting some facilities without limitations is satisfying for most users. Even Milesweb provides unlimited bandwidth and SSD disk space. 
  • If the design is your concern then you get up to 400 templates for making your site attractive to the eyes. 

Reasons To Choose MilesWeb

Before getting to the pricing, let’s check out the reasons to pick this web hosting over others.

Multiple server locations

USA, Canada, UK, India, Singapore, and Australia are the available server locations that you can choose for your site. Amazing, isn’t it? 

You might have customers across the globe, You might need to host your website outside Nepal. With these server locations in almost every continent of the world, you have a lot of options.

Customer support

For any user thinking of trying new web hosting check the customer support if they are available 24/7 or not. With Milesweb you get round-the-clock service as well as support over phone, mail, and live chat. 

Money back policy

You also receive a money-back guarantee for the usage of 30 days. This is good news for new users that they can try the service without having to think of the money risk. 

Pricing And Plans

Here we will discuss some of the affordable plans of Milesweb.

Shared Hosting – The shared hosting of Milesweb starts at just $0.70/mo.

VPS plan – VPS is available for $8.10/mo [fully managed].

Dedicated plan – The base plan of a Dedicated server is $45.00 [managed server].



Hostpapa is a Canadian web hosting company that started working in 2006. With much less time this web hosting company by Jamie Opalchuk became a brand in the industry. They offer a variety of plans in all types of hosting like – Shared, WordPress, VPS, and Reseller. 

Salient Features That HostPapa Provides

The salient features of this web hosting are mentioned below.

  1. They give strong attention to security.
  2. If you have thought of doing blogging in your mind then you might be happy to hear that it is WordPress-friendly web hosting. 
  3. Website building with all the premium features makes the building seem easier than ever. 

Reasons To Choose HostPapa

In this section, we will check out the best of the reasons that make this hosting good enough.


For someone new to web hosting or even to just this web hosting you can benefit from this specification of this web hosting. 

Free applications

You get more than 400 applications for free with all its plans. This comes as a bonus for you. 

Customer support 

When you are a user of the Hostpapa web hosting, you get to resolve your issues with the ‘papasquad’ support team.

Pricing And Plan

The pricing and plan of the basic phase are :

Shared Hosting’s Starter plan – This one is the base plan for the web hosting service. It starts at $2.95/month.

Optimized WordPress WP Starter Plan – This plan costs $2.95/month.

Managed WordPress Launch Plan – This is the base plan that costs $19.95/month.

VPS’s Mercury Plan – This one is the base plan for the VPS server. The cost of this plan is $19.99/month.

Reseller Hosting’s Bronze Plan – The plan for reseller hosting starts at $30.99/month.


Godaddy Hosting

GoDaddy is an American web hosting and domain registrar company that was started in 1997. This gives them an upper hand over everyone because of their experience. It is a highly popular web hosting that has over 20 million customers all over the world which is a milestone for any web hosting company. 

Salient Features That GoDaddy Provides 

Here are some of the features of GoDaddy to consider while choosing web hosting.

  1. Starting with its unmetered bandwidth even with the basic and cheapest plan. 
  2. For the WordPress user, there is a feature with which you can install WordPress with just a single click. 
  3. GoDaddy itself promises high-class protection which provides intense security for your site’s data. 
  4. You will get the basic industry standard cPanel which is easy to operate or work with. 

Reasons To Choose GoDaddy

There are many reasons to choose GoDaddy but here we have a few most significant ones for you.

Customer support 

Isn’t customer support a very important factor when choosing web hosting? Well, it is and GoDaddy provides very professional and helpful customer support that works through the day and year at your service. 

Money-back guarantee

For anyone who tries everything before having to risk their money for it, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. In case you didn’t find its service valuable or satisfactory you can always opt out and ask for a refund. 


Even someone who is a noob at web hosting knows that your website needs high uptime to escape increasing the bounce rate. GoDaddy has an uptime of 99.99%. 

Pricing And Plan

Below we have mentioned the pricing and plan for GoDaddy web hosting.

GoDaddy’s Shared Hosting – Starter plan: The cheapest plan from GoDaddy is $4.99/month for web hosting.

WordPress Hosting- Basic plan: This plan is for WordPress enthusiasts. The basic plan starts at $11.99/month.

WordPress E-commerce Hosting – It has only one plan that costs $20.99/month.

Dedicated Server – DS-32 Plan- The most basic plan for a dedicated server costs $159.99/month.

VPS: This plan is based on a VPS server and starts at $9.99/month.

Web Hosting Plus: This has similarities with a VPS, it is designed for high-traffic sites and starts at $17.99/month.


Hostgator for nepal

HostGator is a website that requires no introduction. It has been dominating the web hosting industry for a long time now. They started in 2002 and are still going strong. It has crossed 10 million customers. 

Salient Features That HostGator Provides 

Given are some features that make the web hosting worthy enough to be subscribed to.

  1. With such a premium hosting service you also get domain access for free for one year. 
  2. Even when your website faces an urge in traffic Hostgator has got it all with no limit to bandwidth. 
  3. For your site’s better security, you also get an SSL certificate which makes sure your site is protected. 

Reasons To Choose HostGator 

After having a quick look over the features now get some real reasons for picking this web host.

Installation with a single click

You can install many applications with just one click. This does take away a lot of your burden. 

Website transfer

For anyone who already owns a website, you can transfer your data to HostGator easily without any worries. 

Money-back guarantee

Try it whenever you want and get back the amount invested within 45 days of the billing if you don’t like the service.

Pricing And Plan

The below-mentioned plans are the basic plans of their respective hosting category.

HostGator’s Shared Hosting – Hatchling Plan: The plan for shared hosting starts at $3.75/month, which is affordable and the cheapest among its other plans.

VPS – Snappy 2000: The base plan for VPS hosting at HostGator starts at $34.99/month.

Dedicated Server – Value Server: If you are thinking of growing your business then the dedicated plan starting at $89.98/month is for you.

Reseller Hosting – Snappy 2000: It starts at $34.99/month.

Top Web Hosting Companies of Nepal

After checking out these most popular web hosting companies around the world let us now focus a bit on the web hosting companies from Nepal as well. 

Web Hosting namePrice of the starter planSite link
Himalayan HostNPR 1500/yrVisit the site
Babal HostNPR 1499/yrVisit the site
Prabhu HostNPR 199/mVisit the site
Web HostNPR 1000/yrVisit the site
Gurkha HostNPR 50/mVisit the site

What To Check When Selecting A Web Hosting Company?

For anyone new, it can be difficult to decide which web hosting to pick. But more than that they face trouble in checking which all factors to check when finalizing the best web hosting for their business or blogging purpose. Here are a few points which you can check before making your final decision:

A user-friendly interface so you don’t struggle while using it. Web hosting is for your success and comfort and it should be able to provide that. 

Speed and performance are other important factors to consider because they can affect the performance of your website. Also the user experience. 

High uptime is known to most people. Due to lower uptime, your site can face a higher bounce rate because both are directly related. 

Pricing and plans are the most practical factors to check. Sure with high cost, you might get better features but with the right research, you can find some web hosting that provides.

FAQs: Best Web Hosting In Nepal

1. What do you mean by web hosting?

In simple terms, it is the space provided by the companies to store the data of your website online. To run a website, one needs this hosting or space.

2. Which web hosting is best in Nepal?

Some best local hosting providers in Nepal include Babal Host, and Himalayan Host while internationally MilesWeb, Interserver, and Hostens are the best while also being quite affordable.

3. How much does hosting cost in Nepal?

It depends upon the hosting company and the plan or type of hosting you choose. Shared hostings are the cheapest ones and dedicated server hostings are the most expensive. Gurkha Host, the cheapest web hosting provider in Nepal offers hosting at just NPR 50 per month.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Web Hosting In Nepal

In the above article, we have now discussed all the web hosting that is available in Nepal and also provides great results. Along with the web hosting we have tried to provide you with some insight to understand and check before getting any web hosting. 

Which hosting do we recommend for Nepal?

  1. If you are looking for servers nearby Nepal, i.e. India, Go for MilesWeb or Hostens.
  2. We recommend HostGator if you expect huge traffic on the website as this is one of the best hosting used by professionals.
  3. For WordPress, other hosting like iPage, InterServer, GoDaddy and HostPapa are recommended.
  4. Our recommended cheapest web hosting for Nepal is iPage and Hostens.

The final decision for picking any web hosting will be all yours. You can consider all the factors that seem important for you and then finalize. 

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  1. Sir those hosting companies are not available in Nepal (They Don’t Accept Nepali Payment Services). So How they can be Top 7 Best Web Hosting in Nepal?

    • Hi Jenish
      Best web hosting for Nepal means hosting that is affordable, fast and reliable. These hosting are available for citizens of Nepal. These are excellent brands.
      They accept all payments through credit cards and Paypal.

      Best hosting for Nepal doesn’t mean a local hosting that accepts local payment but slow or with poor service.

      These hosting companies do not accept any other payment modes except for credit card or Paypal. Be it India, Nepal, Bangladesh or Pakistan.


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