How To Get More Instagram Followers: 5 Ways For 2023

Becoming popular on the Internet and finding your audience –  seems to be the dream of every second active user.

Success stories of famous influencers inspire newcomers to create their blogs, which could bring them excellent income. Insta is one of the best platforms for maintaining an author’s page, but to achieve results, you need to have some knowledge and skills for promotion.

The competition is growing every day and it becomes more difficult to get a tidbit of fame.

5 ways to increase Instagram followers

If you are a novice blogger, then you are probably wondering “how to get subscribers?”. There is no universal formula for success, and what works for one blogger may be useless for another.

But to understand which ways to attract followers are relevant to your blog, you need to act. In this article, we have collected the 5 best ways to help you attract as many subscribers as possible in a short time. Let’s get started!

1. Lay the groundwork

Having a well-thought-out promotion strategy is not a whim, but a necessity. Before you start using different methods, you need to understand who your audience is, what they are passionate about, and what is relevant to them.

Ask yourself important questions about who you plan to contact, you need to know the gender, age, place of residence, why and how they use IG, and at what time they are most active on the network. The answers to these questions will help you create content that can attract a lot of new readers.

 And if you have correctly identified your audience, there is a high probability that potential followers will click on the “subscribe” button. They will also help you create content, support new posts, and like and comment. That is, you will create not just a beautiful number in the “subscribers” line, but a loyal community that will stay with you for a long time.

2. Use paid services

Yes, sometimes to get what you want online, you need to allocate a small part of the budget. Why do newbies do this? First of all, you need to understand that followers are an indicator of your success, popularity, and user trust. The higher this figure, the higher the probability that potential viewers will pay attention to your blog.

Following the herd instinct, users often click on the “subscribe” button if they see a large number of followers, a beautifully designed profile, and interesting posts. In addition, if you get real Instagram followers, the activity on the page will increase several times, which means that posts will be more likely to get into recommendations (this is how the network algorithm is configured).

There are a lot of offers to sell subscribers on the Internet, but before making a purchase, make sure that you are contacting a trusted company that has a lot of positive feedback from previous buyers.

Sometimes, under the guise of real accounts, unscrupulous companies sell bots and fakes that hang like a dead weight. To avoid this, study the reviews, and information on the website of the selected service and ask clarifying questions to the manager in the chat. Don’t you have time for this? Well, then just click on the link we wrote above to get a guaranteed result.

Here are some of the stats that you should know:

instagram image

3. New video formats

The head  of the social network Adam Mosseri  once wrote in his profile: “we’re no longer  just  a square photo-sharing app.” And this is the real truth.  Insta has changed its direction, and now it is an application with which you can share inspiring IGTV, funny Reels, and live Stories. To create an activity on the page, you need to mix these formats. In this case, users will not get bored with long text posts and monotonous photos. Also, recommend you to try Jasper without any cost, it is the best AI writer for everyone.

But remember that for a great result, you need to create high-quality content and follow trends. To create cool videos, you can be inspired by popular clips or use successful ideas from competitors. Add your own “highlight”, and create a recognizable image and a viral story. To keep the audience on the page as long as possible, create a mini-series. Users will be waiting for the release of a new episode, and in order not to lose their account, they will subscribe.

4. Collaborations with bloggers

The dream of any beginner on the site is to quickly get a target audience. And cooperation with other authors can help you in this. Like you, novice bloggers are interested in increasing their pages and expanding their audience. But many of them are shy and afraid to offer cooperation. Don’t take an example from them. Have the courage to write to a blogger who publishes content on a similar topic and has at least 1000 viewers.

In this case, cooperation will be beneficial for both of you. Create guest posts, stream, tell Stories about each other and organize joint contests. This way you will exchange the audience and significantly increase the activity on the page.

5. Cross Promote

According to statistics, the majority of active Internet users have author’s pages on several platforms.

And if you are one of them, we have great news for you. You can use your audience from other networks to make your Instagram page flourish. Duplicate new posts to other resources and don’t forget to attach a link to your Instagram account so that people follow it and subscribe.

This is a great opportunity to get a loyal audience in the shortest possible time. To warm up the interest, promise an accepted gift (like a guide or a wishlist) for potential followers.

That’s it! Now you know what methods you need to use to achieve popularity on the resource and get a large number of followers. But do not forget that effective methods are not everything. Constantly improve the quality of posts, communicate with subscribers, and follow trends. Use Closerscopy deals that help you create unlimited content for a lifetime, and take your social media promotion to next level.

Combine ways to attract an audience with each other and try to use each of them separately. Good luck!

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