Jarvis.AI Review 2022: Is This Copywriting Assistant Worth Your Money?

Are you looking for Jarvis.ai Review 2022? And planning to purchase any of Jarvis’ plans, but confused about their service and features?

You are here to know about everything about Jarvis copywriting, pricing, and plans along with the features it provides and also about plans which plan will be beneficial for you?

Then you are at the right place.

This article will provide you with a full review of Jarvis.ai, with some suggestions and full information about the Jarvis Writing tool. Along with the positives and negatives of Jarvis software.

I have brought this article to you with my personal observation as I used its trial and felt that it is worth knowing for all of you.

jarvis.ai review

Jarvis AI Review Summary


Best AI Writer
Long Blog Post
Service and Support
Output quality
Ease of Use


Jarvis AI is an awesome AI assistant that helps you write short copy as well as long blog posts. From a small heading suggestion to a book, you can write almost anything. Jarvis offers feature-packed AI software at affordable rates.


Merits and Demerits of Jarvis Ai

Not let’s discuss some pros and cons of Jarvis.ai

Pros of Jarvis

  • It is the best AI writing tool.
  • Provides 50+ content templates
  • 100% originality in content.
  • Supports over 25+ languages.
  • Provides useful content templates according to your need.
  • Grammar checking and fixing spellings with Grammarly.
  • Boss mode allows you to command and assist by voice command.
  • Add your team and collaborate
  • Integrate Surfer SEO Almost Free for just $1
  • Access to VIP FB community for instant help

Cons of Jarvis

  • Jarvis gets confused about the facts and figures. When there is a need to write the dates and algorithms you need a human mind for that.
  • Jarvis can give you the content that is already inserted in it or the popular topics and keywords. It might find difficult in finding any new or latest topic.
  • The Boss plan can be costly for beginners, they have to go for a starter plan with limited words and features.

Try Jarvis AI copywriting assistant now and create 10000 words for free. Test Yourself.

Let’s start with a rapid description of Jarvis with a small table.

Introduction & Jarvis.ai Review Summary

So, what is Jarvis.ai? Jarvis.Ai is AI-based writing software that is reliable and cost-effective and helps you to write perfectly in any language. Before moving ahead let me give you a quick short description of Jarvis.ai through a small table.

Product ofuserproof.com
UseAI Content Writing and Copywriting tool.
PlansStarter and Boss Mode
PricingStarting from $29/month
Free Trial5 days money back policy(with 10,000 words)
Technology UsedGPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3)
jarvis ai review introduction

Is Jarvis.ai a useful AI writer helpful in a content generation?

Yes, you can use this tool for creating short as well as long-form content.

Be it a Digital content, Google Ad headlines, blogs articles & content writing, Facebook advertisements, product listing, and e-mails, and you can even write more effective and accurate sales copy, marketing copy, books, and social media posts and articles.  

Not only this, Jarvis can rewrite your content and make it more engaging using Content Improver, it checks grammar, plagiarism, summarizes your content well, and can be used to expand or shorten the sentences.

Is Jarvis CopyWriting Tool really effecting?

Yes, if you have to create multiple copies manually, headlines for the same product, again and again, you will practically feel stuck.

But AI copywriting features by Jarvis are designed to support marketing frameworks like:

  • AIDA,
  • PAS,
  • Feature-to-Benefit and
  • Before-after-Bridge

Signup for Free Trial Here and see Jarvis Copywriting in action yourself.

Templates Available on Jarvis.ai for Content Writing and Copy Writing

Jarvis provides premade frameworks and templates. That includes:

  1. Blog post templates,
  2. AIDA frameworks,
  3. Ad headlines frameworks,
  4. Personal or company bio,
  5. Google ad headlines,
  6. Product description, and titles templates,
  7. Video introduction scripts, reviews, SEO, and a lot more.
templates and frameworks available on jarvis.ai

Here is the list of templates you can use with Jarvis.

  • AIDA Frameworks
  • PAS Frameworks
  • Product description
    • Content improver
  • Creative story
  • Blog post topic ideas
    • Blog post outline
    • Blog post paragraph
    • Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph
  • Feature to Benefit
  • Sentence Expander
  • Facebook Ad Headline
    • Facebook Ad Primary Text
  • Personal Bio
    • Company bio
  • Google Ads Headline
    • Google Ads Description
    • SEO – Title and Meta Descriptions
  • Amazon Product Features (bullets)
    • Amazon Product Description (paragraph)
  • Real Estate Listing – Residential
    • Engaging Questions
    • Perfect Headline
    • Quora Answers
  • Website Sub-Headline
  • Photo Post Captions
    • Short Social Posts
  • Ridiculous Marketing Ideas
    • Marketing Angles
  • Persuasive bullet points
  • Video Topic Ideas
    • Email Subject Lines
    • Video Script Outline
    • Video Titles
    • Video Script Hook and Introduction
    • Video Description
  • Explain It To A Child
  • Review Responder
  • SEO – Blog Posts – Title and Meta Descriptions
    • SEO – Homepage – Title and Meta Descriptions
    • SEO – Product Page – Title and Meta Descriptions
    • SEO – Services Pages – Title and Meta Descriptions
  • Unique Value Propositions

These are some of the popular frameworks and templates Jarvis provides for different professions. Visit the complete list, and select your template.

Can Jarvis Copywriting Replace Human Writers?

can jarvis.ai replace human writers

What do you expect from a human content writer? The list is very long.

If a human writer is working on the content, then that content should be original and free from plagiarism with zero grammatical and 0 spelling mistakes, SEO optimized, well researched and completed with good speed Way updated, and finished product delivered on time.

Well, Jarvis is an Artificial Intelligence GPT-3 technology-based writing tool, which makes copywriting and content creation so easy for an individual. It meets all your expectations.

It saves a lot of time and energy and increases the number of blogs in a day. If you are creating 1 or two blogs in a day with Jarvis you will be able to create 3 to 5 blogs per day which will definitely increase your productivity with speed.

In many ways, Jarvis is better than a human writer; it saves manpower, time, and most importantly money. Jarvis can do the work of many people in a day.

‘The Boss Mode plan allows you with so many features like you can write, eBooks, blogs, content, and emails.

You are working with the best AI writing technology, although on topic research you might need a manward tweaking, Jarvis will give you raw content to make, we can say 80% of the content, to make it 100% we need 20% human efforts.

A human writer is needed to prepare a complete article, for the algorithm-based article, to put the internal links, to put images and banners for making the article attractive, and to take care about headings like H1, H2, and H3, and many more things.

I just want to say we just need a human touch with Jarvis to make complete content or a blog.

Reasons to use Jarvis.ai

why only jarvis.ai

I have personally observed Jarvis and used it for a long time, and I discovered so many things about this tool that are not even highlighted.

Jarvis is the best way to write. If I ever get confused, Jarvis helps me out in many ways. I have created many contents, blogs, and articles within minutes. You just need to give your idea and topics and leave the rest on Jarvis, it will provide you with the complete writing section you just need to do a little touch-up with it, and boom your blog article is completed in half time.

Apart from this, lets me tell you some other points Why you should use only Jarvis?

  • It has solution for every topic, you just need to give your keyword to Jarvis and give a title of your content and you will get an accurate and complete article, blog or any post.
  • It provides content as per your need, whether you want a short content or long content for your blogs and social media.
  • It helps you to understand the headings, features, script, web content, with its amazing writing features.
  • Jarvis can help you enhance your content with creative ideas.
  • People with low budgets can avoid hiring people and save a lot of money and time by using these simple tool software. And it is perfect for beginners.
  • People who aren’t creative enough and trying to provide something different can use it.
  • You can write blog posts, emails, YouTube intro script, sales copy, video script, Facebook Ads, PAS, Before-after-bridge copywriting framework, Product Description, and Books.

Is Jarvis.ai is Suitable for Long-Form Content?

Well, we know Jarvis.ai is a content and copywriting tool, allows users to create content with the help of AI writing tools. And According to need it also provide plans.

So, the question was Is Jarvis.ai a suitable tool for long-form content? Before answering this question I would like to remind you of the plans, as I have told you above about The Boss Mode Plan. This plan works perfectly as Long-form content writing tool.

jarvis boss plan features

It provides you 50,000 words per month, that are more than enough for a normal blogger and content creator to create long content with great context.

Why only Boss Mode? Apart from these, you can write all long-form content like-

  • Books
  • Blogs
  • Recipes
  • Product Reviews
  • SEO Copies
  • Long Emails
  • Scripts and Stories
  • +Starter Plan features.

The Boss Plan also has some extra features than the started plan only for creating long-form content and large blogs. That includes more words, with Jarvis.ai commands, the most importantly Plagiarism Checker, and grammar checking and fixing spellings with Grammarly.

So the answer is Yes, Jarvis.ai is perfectly suitable for Creating long content according to my experience it is made only for long content writing.

Starter Plan vs Boss Mode

jervis.ai review of starter vs boss mode

Let’s take a look at the comparison table highlighting the features offered by Jarvis.ai on each plan.

FeaturesThe Starter PlanThe Boss Mode Plan
Words per month20,000/m50,000/m
Content Short contentLong content
Supported Languages25+25+
Money-Back Policy5-days5-days
Unlimited User LoginsYesYes
Command JarvisNoYes
Free TrialYesYes
Unlimited Project FoldersYesYes
SEO modeNoYes
Plagiarism CheckerNoYes
Chat supportYesYes
Jarvis CertifiedNoYes
Fix Spelling and GrammarNoYes
Bonus Word Packs$10 for 5000 words$40 for 30,000 words
Starting Pricing$29/m$59/m

And here is the interesting part of this article that Jarvis is offering a free trial for you for 5 days. Let’s discuss jarvis.ai’s free trial or money-back policy.

Free trial

jervis review free trial

Are you really getting a free trial? Yes, you are. Jarvis.ai is providing a 5 days 100% Money Back Guarantee policy, without any cancellation fee, even you are getting 10,000 words free.

Before paying for this, why don’t you try Jarvis.ai’s free trial or money-back plan of 5 days, and 5 days are enough for you to test this tool.

Try out all the templates it provides, then it will be easy for you to decide which plan is good for you or whether you want to purchase this tool or not.

And one thing to remember is if you don’t think this tool is worth paying for then cancel it within 5 days otherwise you will not get any money back.

Jarvis Plans Review

Jarvis.ai comes up with two plans. Both the plans are good but I will recommend you the Boss Mode and I will recommend it because it is best for bloggers and content writers and also helps you to create engaging and plagiarism-free content for your business and marketing campaigns.

But if you are a beginner then you may go for Starter Plan and can start with creating short headlines, small descriptions, and posts.

Go through the plans and features they are providing we have described below.

The Starter Plan:

  • This plan is for creating a short copy or small content like headlines, tweets, product descriptions, and small social media posts.
  • You get 20,000 words per month with unlimited user login.
  • You get a bonus word pack worth $10 for 5000 words.
  • This plan is valid for short writing content.
  • You get 50+ templates with 25+ languages.
  • Unlimited project folders and content search and autosave.

The Boss Mode Plan:

  • Boss Mode is for writing long content like blog posts, reports, articles, emails, and stories.
  • You get 50,000 words per month with unlimited user logins.
  • You get a bonus word pack worth $40 for 30,000 words.
  • This plan is for writing Long content and big articles.
  • You get 50+ templates with 25+ languages.
  • Unlimited project folders and content search and autosave.
  • This plan provides you with documents, Jarvis commands, SEO mode, recipes, and plagiarism checker, and many more.


Now let’s talk about the latest pricing offered by Jarvis. They have updated their pricing policy and removed the unlimited plan and lifetime deals. But what I like the most is they have reduced Jarvis.AI’s boss mode pricing.

jarvis pricing of starter and boss mode

The Starter Plan cost starts from $29/m and extends up to $499/m. That provides you with 20k words to 1M words per month.

The Boss Plan cost starts from $59/m and extends up to $3600/m, with 50k words to 5M words per month.

In both cases, I've observed that the cost is based on the number of words given per month. That means you can increase your words according to your need by staying to the same plan.

The pricing I have mentioned above is regular pricing. How would you feel if I told you that, you can also save on regular pricing?

Pricing Monthly and Annual Billing Modes

Before we have discussed the plans and pricing of Jarvis, but do you know you are getting two ways billing methods?- yearly and monthly billing.

Jarvis.ai annual vs monthly billing pricing
PlanMonthly PriceAnnual Price
Boss Mode$59/m$49/m

So what’s so special about these billing methods? The special thing is the discount, yes you are saving a flat 16% on the yearly billed method which means using Jarvis without paying for two months, with the same features and tools.

Paying monthly, starter plan is billed $29/m, but yearly it cost you $24/m and boss plan cost you $59/m and yearly you are just paying $49/m.

I think it is a profitable deal, you are saving, saving a large amount.

To know about pricing you can also visit: Jarvis.ai Pricing 2022

Languages Provided by Jarvis.ai

Jarvis.ai provides us with 25+ languages. You don’t have to worry if you are not much good at English or in any specific language.

You just have to set the languages that you are using with the language you want as output. Then you will get your content in that language only.

laungages supported by jarvis.ai

The snapshot above shows the input and output languages that Jarvis provides you for your content.

With tools like SurferSEO and SEOQuake, you can further improve the SEO of output. SurferSEO will be integrated and SEOQuake is through extension.

Who can use Jarvis.ai?

jervis review, who can use jarvis

Here I’ve created a small list of the people or professions who can use Jarvis.ai for content creation. As we have discussed above Jarvis provides you long and short content according to your need so, you can use it as needed by your profession.

  • Blogger
  • Writers
  • YouTubers
  • Content Creators
  • Beginners
  • Freelancers
  • Marketers
  • Software Agencies

Meet the Jarvis’s Team

Jarvis.ai is managed by a group of friends originally from Austin, Texas, 6 People belong to this group.

team members behind the success of jarvis.ai
  • Dave Rogenmoser-CEO
  • John Phillip Morgan-CTO
  • Chris Hull-COO
  • Austin Distel-CMO
  • Megan Johnson-Client Success
  • James Morgan-The Script master

Jarvis.ai is a Useproof product, this small team belongs to the Userproof company and operates the Jarvis.ai software. They are helping entrepreneurs, marketers, and agencies for a long time through their company and product services.

They also provide online courses and tutorials on Jarvis software and other software products of the Userproof company.

Jarvis.ai Customer Reviews

Jarvis AI copywriting assistant is rated 5/5 stars with 1000+ reviews on their official website.

Let’s have a look at customer reviews on Jarvis services according to the people who purchase them.

jarvis customer positive reviews and ratings
jarvis customer reviews and ratings
jarvis.ai customer reviews

Jarvis.ai Trustpilot Reviews:

On Trustpilot, Jarvis.ai is rated 4.8/5, by approx 1600 people. and 90% of people rated this as excellent service.

trustpilot jarvis reviews and ratings

Jarvis.ai G2 Reviews:

On G2 Jarvis is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars.

G2 jarvis ratings and reviews

Jarvis.ai Capterra Reviews:

On Capterra, Jarvis.ai is rated 4.9/5, by 650+ people.

capterra jarvis reviews and ratings

FAQs about Jarvis AI Review 2022

What is Jarvis?

Jarvis.ai is a content writer that allows the user to create effective content with the help of AI writing tools. It is the best AI copywriting tool for copywriting and content writing.

How much does Jarvis cost?

Jarvis comes up with two plans- A starter plan and Boss mode.
The starter plan’s starting price is $29/m and boss mode starts from $59/m.

How many words can I write with Jarvis.ai?

Jarvis provides you 20K/m words with a starter plan and 50K/m words in Boss mode.

Can Jarvis AI write short content?

Yes, it can Jarvis’s starter plan is especially for creating short and small content like headlines, intros, and posts.

Does Jarvis provide any free trial?

Yes, you get a 100 money-back policy of 5 days with Jarvis.

What do we get with the Jarvis free trial plan?

Jarvis’ free trial plan provides you free 10K words for 5 days.

Final Words on Review of Jarvis AI

In this article, I have reviewed the whole Jarvis.ai software or tool, I have covered the introduction, features along with plans, and pricing. I consider it the best AI copywriting tool for copywriting and content automation. Jarvis.AI is better than any other AI writing tool or any of its competitors.

To know more about this tool try the free plan for 5 days and decide your next step.

Jarvis’s plans are affordable and pocket-friendly, you can increase and decrease words and pricing according to your need.

Still, if you are looking to explore more tools, we recommend the below mentioned Jarvis alternatives:

  1. Rytr, Get Free trial and coupon
  2. Closerscopy, Get unlimited lifetime deal

If you are a blogger or affiliate marketer, you must also check out the Jarvis AI affiliate program to start earning.

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