MilesWeb Hosting Review 2023: Expert Opinions with Pros and Cons

Are you looking at an honest opinion on Milesweb hosting? In this article, we have a detailed MilesWeb Hosting Review of its features, pricing, pros, and cons. We will discuss all the information, features, and facilities that are provided by MilesWeb.

MilesWeb is the Indian leading hosting provider company and the company is expanding very fast all over the world.

We will try to cover all the necessary topics and details regarding MilesWeb Hosting, but in case if you find something inappropriate or you think that forget to mark some point, please tell us in the comment section.

What we will discuss below?

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What is MilesWeb?
Reasons: Why you should go for MilesWeb Hosting?
MilesWeb: Plans and Pricing
          → Shared Hosting
          → WordPress Hosting
          → VPS Hosting
          → Dedicated Hosting
          → Reseller Hosting
Pros and Cons: MilesWeb
          → Bluehost Hosting
          → Hostinger Hosting
          → Namecheap Hosting
User Reviews
Wrapping Up
MilesWeb Review
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  • Features
  • Uptime and Performance
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MilesWeb Review Summary

Milesweb is a budget friendly host recommended for new and low traffic sites. We found hosts like Hostinger and Namecheap a bit better choice in the affordable category. HostArmada and Bluehost can be a great option if you are not tight on budget.

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Milesweb Review

What is MilesWeb?

MilesWeb is the leading and expanding hosting provider in the hosting world. The company is originated in Nashik, Maharashtra, India in the year 2012. MilesWeb is moving ahead to become a global leader in managed web hosting services with 24/7 customer support and countless features.

milesweb hosting review

MilesWeb is a registered company in RoC Mumbai which means that you can trust it as a brand.

It is a 100% independent broad and dynamic web hosting organization. The founders of MilesWeb are Deepak Kori, Chetan Mahale, and Chinmay Dingore.

MilesWeb is a highly reliable web hosting provider that has Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers.

There are a total of 6 datacenters available now of MilesWeb across the World:

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. UK
  4. India
  5. Singapore
  6. Australia
milesweb datac centers

The organization is awarded as Best VPS Hosting, Best SSD Hosting, Best Joomla Hosting last year.

Reasons: Why you should go for MilesWeb Hosting?

There are several reasons so you should go for MilesWeb Hosting. Number one is that MilesWeb is one of the cheapest hostings that provides you various features. Here we will discuss what are the main features and facilities that are provided by MilesWeb Hosting.

milesweb customers

So, let’s have a look at the features of MilesWeb Hosting: –

► Offers Free Domain Name

MilesWeb offers you a free domain name with their hosting plan which means you are ready to host your business online without paying the extra charges of the domain name.

► 30-Days Moneyback-Guarantee

Well, MilesWeb hosting is good where the cancellation of hosting will not be necessary. But in case you are not happy with the MilesWeb hosting, you can get your 100% moneyback under the 30-days of hosting.

why you should go for milesweb hosting

► Free SSL Certificate

Nowadays, SSL is very important for your website, either you want to rank your business website on Google or you want to build the trust of the customer. MilesWeb offers you a Free SSL Certificate with their hosting plans which means you don’t have to worry about your site’s data and other minor things related to SSL.

► 24/7 Priority Support

Customer support is the first main priority of the MilesWeb. The organization is available 24/7/365 for their customers.

And in case you don’t’ like MilesWeb, you can check another hosting that offers better hosting services at nearby prices.

► No Extra Renewal Cost

The other best facility by the MilesWeb is that the company does not charge any extra amount for the renewal of the hosting. Whereas all the hosting providers charge an extra amount at the time of renewing of hosting but MilesWeb doesn’t.

► 99.95% Uptime Guarantee

If you are aiming to become a famous blogger but worried about your blog’s uptime, then we will suggest you migrate to MilesWeb Hosting. The company offers you guaranteed 99.95% uptime which means your site will always up all the time.

MilesWeb is recommended for a low traffic Personal Blog but consider using Hostinger once your traffic starts growing.

► Provides Free cPanel

MilesWeb provides you free cPanel with your hosting which means everything is under your control and you can easily manage your website. You have various options under the cPanel, see the image below: –

cPanel dashboard

Here, you will see the various features under the cPanel categorized under Software, Advanced, Preferences, and Installer. And on the right side, you will the other details about the usage of your RAM, Memory, and others.

MilesWeb: Plans and Pricing

MilesWeb is very careful with their hosting plans and their prices. Their hosting plans are very affordable and everyone can afford their plans. MilesWeb offers you five different types of hosting, are as follows: –

  1. Shared Hosting (starts from $0.90/m)
  2. WordPress Hosting (starts from $1.75/m)
  3. VPS Hosting (starts from $8.55/m)
  4. Dedicated Hosting (starts from $99/m)
  5. Reseller Hosting (starts from $3.93/m)

So, these are the five hosting that are provided by the MilesWeb and this is time to get the full review of these hosting in detail.

plans and pricing

Shared Hosting

You all might know what is shared hosting, but if you don’t then, Shared Hosting is hosting where you share a server with other users.

The main advantage of shared hosting is that the maintenance charge is distributed to all the users of that particular server. [Check out Top Shared Hosting companies]

→ Features of MilesWeb Shared Hosting

MilesWeb Shared Hosting comes with a lot and great features that will be beneficial for you, are as follow: –

  • Free Domain Name
  • 30 Days Moneyback Guarantee
  • Free SSL
  • 24/7 Priority Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • SSD Disk Storage
  • MySQL Database
  • cPanel + Softaculous
  • Website Builder

→ Shared Hosting: Plans and Pricing

MilesWeb offers you three different plans under the Shared Hosting with different features and prices, which are Solo, Prime, and Multi, let’s have a quick look at them.

See the table below: –

SSD Storage1GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Email Accounts10UnlimitedUnlimited

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is the hosting that is highly optimized for WordPress and you can easily start your WordPress Website without any bugs related to WordPress under this hosting. It starts at $1.75 per month when you purchase a package of three years.

→ Features of MilesWeb WordPress Hosting

MilesWeb WordPress Hosting offers you different useful features, are as follow: –

  • 24/7 Priority Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • SSD Disk StorageFree Domain Name
  • 30 Days Moneyback Guarantee
  • Free SSL
  • MySQL Database
  • cPanel + Softaculous
  • Website Builder

→ WordPress Hosting: Plans and Pricing

MilesWeb provides you three different plans under Managed WordPress Hosting with various features and prices, which are Beginner, Geek, and Techy.

See the table below:

SSD Storage30GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Email Accounts10UnlimitedUnlimited

VPS Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a hosting service that is better than shared hosting and provides you guaranteed resources. If you see complaints related to core web vitals in your new page experience report, you must upgrade to VPS.

MilesWeb offers you four different VPS hosting plans that are cheap:

  1. Managed Linux VPS (starts from $9/m)
  2. Self-Managed Linux VPS (starts from $7.50/m)
  3. Managed Windows VPS (starts from $18/m)
  4. Self-Managed Windows VPS (starts from $13.50/m)

→ Features of MilesWeb VPS Hosting

Here we will discuss the features of Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS Hosting of MilesWeb.

Features of Linux VPS Hosting:

Managed Linux VPSSelf-Managed Linux VPS
► India-Based VPS ► India-Based VPS
► Full Root Access► Full Root Access
► SSD Disk Storage► SSD Disk Drives
► 100Mb/s Network► 100Mb/s Network
► 24/7 VPS Support

Features of Windows VPS Hosting:

Managed Windows VPSSelf-Managed Windows VPS
► India-Based VPS ► India-Based VPS
► RDP Access► RDP Access
► SSD Disk Storage► SSD Disk Drives
► Windows Server 2016► Windows Server 2016
► 24/7 VPS Support

→ VPS Hosting: Plans and Pricing

This is the time to have a quick look at the plans and pricing of the MilesWeb VPS hosting.

Plans and Pricing of Linux VPS Hosting

Linux VPS Hosting provides you two VPS hosting that is Managed and Self-Managed VPS Hosting.

  1. Managed Linux VPS
managed linux vps pricing
SSD Storage50GB100GB150GB
Domain1 Free1 Free1 Free
  1. Self-Managed Linux VPS
self managed linux vps pricing
SSD Storage50GB100GB150GB

Plans and Pricing of Windows VPS Hosting

Windows VPS Hosting provides you two VPS hosting that is Managed and Self-Managed VPS Hosting.

  1. Managed Windows VPS
managed window vps server pricing
SSD Storage50GB100GB150GB
Free Domain111
  1. Self-Managed Windows VPS
unmanaged window vps price
SSD Storage50GB100GB150GB

Looking for professional hosting? checkout our article on best cloud business hosting companies for business.

For more options in VPS category, visit VPS with unlimited bandwidth article.

Dedicated Hosting

Under Dedicated Hosting, you get a dedicated server where only you can host your websites and no other user can access your server.

→ Features of MilesWeb Dedicated Hosting

MilesWeb Dedicated Hosting offers you lots of important and useful features, are as follow: –

  • India-Based Server
  • Intel-Powered Processor
  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
  • SSH Root Access
  • Reliability
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 100% Dedicated Resources
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses
  • Premium Bandwidth

→ Dedicated Hosting: Plans and Pricing

MilesWeb offers you different dedicated hosting, the basic three hosting plans are here: –

dedicated hosting pricing
CPU4 cores6 cores + HT8 cores + HT

View All Plans

Reseller Hosting

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting is affordable if you want to start your business with the hosting. MIlesWeb Offer you two types of Reseller Hosting that are: –

  1. Linux Reseller Hosting
  2. Windows Reseller Hosting

→ Features of MilesWeb Reseller Hosting

Let’s have a quick look at the Reseller Hosting’s features: –

Linux Reseller HostingWindows Reseller Hosting
► 100% White-labeled hosting► 100% White-labeled hosting
► Powered by cPanel/WHM► Powered by Plesk Control Panel
► Free Migration► Free Migration
► 24/7 Customer Support► 24/7 Customer Support

→ Reseller Hosting: Plans and Pricing

Here are the Reseller Hosting Plans and Pricing of the Linux and Windows Reseller Hosting.

  1. Linux Reseller Hosting
cPanel a/c10204060
SSD Storage20GB50GB100GB150GB
  1. Windows Reseller Hosting
Plesk a/c10204060
SSD Storage20GB50GB100GB200GB

Pros and Cons: MilesWeb

Every hosting has its Pros and Cons, and here what we will discuss now about MilesWeb Hosting. MilesWeb is a good hosting but it also has some negative points.

Lets’ start with Pros and then moving on to Cons of MilesWeb Hosting:


  • It offers more than average page load speed.
  • MilesWeb guarantee to provide 99.95% Uptime.
  • Offers different hosting options at an affordable price.
  • Supports 24/7 Customer Service.
  • MilesWeb offers you a 30-Days Moneyback Guarantee.
  • Includes Free SSL Certificate.
  • Includes cPanel Support
  • No extra cost at the time of renewal of plan.


  • Customer Support is good but not fast, a bit of improvement is recommended.
  • Server response time can be improved.

Visit our Hosting comparison page to learn about the features of all the popular web hosting companies.

Best Alternatives To MilesWeb

Comparision is a must before you reach the final results. While MilesWeb is a good web hosting but we recommend you to look at these hostings that are the top best alternatives of the MilesWeb Hosting.

alternatives of milesweb

Here we will know what are those hosting companies that are the alternatives of MilesWeb Hosting and how they are different from MilesWeb. The Alternatives we are going to discuss are: –

  1. Bluehost
  2. Hostinger
  3. Namecheap

► Bluehost

Bluehost is a foremost web hosting company. Since 2003, Bluehost has grown enough to host 2 Million + WordPress sites. Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth started Bluehost in Provo, Utah. Bluehost serves thousands of services every day. [Read Bluehost India Review and Bluehost Black Friday 2023]

bluehost alternative

Bluehost offers four types of different hosting, that are: –

  1. WordPress Hosting
  2. Shared Hosting
  3. VPS Hosting
  4. Dedicated Hosting

Bluehost Hosting plans start from $2.70/m. If you are looking for the best speed and high performance, then you can go with Bluehost.

→ Features of Bluehost

  • 30-Days Moneyback Guarantee
  • Includes cPanel
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Free 1 year Domain
  • 1-Click Install
  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited Databases
  • 24/7 Customer Support Service

[Read Full Bluehost Review] [Get Bluehost]

► Hostinger

Hostinger is the best hosting company in India when it comes to the best features at affordable prices. Hostinger starts serving in 2004. The Hostinger’s headquarters are based out of Kaunas, Lituania.

hostinger alternative

Hostinger offers you six different types of hosting, are as follows:

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Cloud Hosting
  3. WordPress Hosting
  4. VPS Hosting
  5. Minecraft Hosting
  6. Windows VPS Hosting

If you are looking for the best services at a low price, so you can go with Hostinger, as their hosting plans start from $0.99/month. Check – HostGator Vs Hostinger.

→ Features of Hostinger

  • Free SSL Service
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 30-Days Moneyback Guarantee
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • DNS Management
  • Includes Access Manager
  • Includes Cronjobs

[Hostinger Review 2023] [Get Hostinger] [Get Hostinger Coupon Code India and Black Friday Hostinger deals.]

► Namecheap

As the name says, Namecheap is the best cheapest hosting that offers you a variety of features at a low cost. Namecheap starts a web hosting service in 2000. And today it manages more than 10 Million+ domains.

namecheap alternative

Namecheap provides you with five different hosting, that is:

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. WordPress Hosting
  3. Reseller Hosting
  4. VPS Hosting
  5. Dedicated Hosting

Namecheap serves its hosting services from $1.58/month.

→ Features of Namecheap

  1. SSD Storage
  2. Free Domain Name
  3. Free Website Builder
  4. Unlimited Bandwidth
  5. Free Automatic SSL Installation
  6. Free Domain and Privacy Protection
  7. 30-Days Moneyback Guarantee
  8. 24/7 Live Support

[Read Full Namecheap Review] [Get Namecheap] [Black Friday Namecheap]

User Reviews on Third Party Sites about MilesWeb

User reviews are very important for us when we buy or purchase some products. So, here for your comfort, we have researched on different sites and read their reviews and ratings about MilesWeb, and here is what those bloggers say about MilesWeb.


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Wrapping Up : MilesWeb Review 2023 Summary

Time to wrap up the things. MilesWeb Hosting Review suggests that it is value for money web host but recommended for low traffic or new blogs and sites. It is growing as a reliable host.

If you are looking for cheap hosting and decent hosting, then you should go for MilesWeb Hosting, but if you want to run heavy websites on your hosting, then we will suggest you go for Bluehost, Hostinger, and Namecheap.

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FAQs about MilesWeb Review 2023

  1. What is MilesWeb?

    MilesWeb is an Indian Web Hosting service providing company that is located in Nashik, Maharashtra. It offers various hosting like Shared, WordPress, VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller Hosting.

  2. What is the difference between a domain and hosting?

    Domain helps your visitors and audience to find your website using the URL address. Whereas Hosting is the place where you upload or build your website and it stores all your website’s data.
    Visit – Google Domains reviews for more details.

  3. How long does it take to set up a web hosting account?

    When you purchase hosting successfully, your account is instantly created at that time. Usually, you get the email for the account information.

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